Souper Inspirations

We proudly present to you the Christmas soups inspired by SouperChef Anna. Win food items from our Christmas catalogue with any purchase of our Christmas Souper Inspirations soups!


A humble collection of recipes from SouperChef Anna for the at-home cook. We are all about cooking and eating in uncomplicated ways. Through shared meals and cooking together, may we reconnect through the beauty of food. Our Take-Home Soup Packs provide the perfect start to a simple cookout. Discover the different ways you can enjoy our soup packs with our easy-to-follow recipes!

SouperChef Anna's Top Travel Picks 2015

“Travelling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller” ~ Ibn Battuta
Follow SouperChef Anna on her global exploration of food culture as she harvests inspirations to bring us hearty soups and glorious food! These are her handpicked gems of destinations in 2015. Pop in for a read!

Back to Basics in Bhutan


Daio Wasabi Farm

Taste the Real Thing in Japan.



Bucket List in Bustling Barcelona