It’s the good news we’ve all been waiting for. While we can’t see your smiles behind the masks, there is certainly a palpable joy in Phase Two! We’re souper stoked to serve you again for dine-in, but if you would so wish, we’re still available for takeaway, delivery and on our E-store, with a spread of promotions for our 18th anniversary! Project Soup Love is still ongoing too. Let’s do good together, shall we?

Homestyle Cock-A-Doodle Soup

Chicken soup was the very first soup I learned to make. Little did I know that this would kindle my interest in “soupology” and lead me to become a “soupreneur”! This clear soup with noodles is light enough to enjoy with a main, yet satisfying enough to be savoured on its own!

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Beef Bourguignon
French-Style Beef Stew

I love the movie “Julie and Julia”, especially the scenes on the boeuf bourguignonne! You don’t have to toil in the kitchen to enjoy this beautiful stew! This is our version—a chunky beef stew simmered in a scented broth with button mushrooms, French beans, sugar snaps and root vegetables. Bon appetit!

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Sumo-Style Nabe

We love the sweet, rounded delicate flavour of this soup from the soy milk. This time, we’ve gone meat-free, charging this soup with more nutrients in Quorn mycoprotein, together with beancurd, napa cabbage and mushrooms! Feel fuller and better with this ingredient-packed soup that boasts of low calories and rich flavour!

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