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My children, Isabella and Elijah, are turning 10 and 7 respectively this year. Motherhood has taught me a slew of lessons, and it’s so true how the days are long, but the years are short. Time is a marvellously mysterious thing. It’s terribly elusive – wasn’t it just a while ago that they were still pink and cherubic? I’ve learned from them, that to make the best use of time, I need to embrace the present. They are only little for so long, you know?

My journey as a mother technically started 15 years ago, when we welcomed the birth of our first The Soup Spoon outlet at Raffles City. I still get emotional as I recall clear and dear memories of the moment our doors opened, when our first customers arrived! Believe me when I say we had more staff than customers hanging out on the first few days! It wasn’t easy. The days were long. So long. I cooked, served, cleaned. I fussed over every little detail, skipped meals, stood on my legs for hours. But The Soup Spoon is my beloved child, a child born out of our love for good soups, and I will always be thankful for how it has strengthened me and given me so many reasons for thanksgiving.

And just like that, with every long day that we go through to serve soups that we love, 15 years have come to pass. We are 15! Thank you for growing with us, and we look forward to creating and celebrating more souper moments with each and every one of you! My team and I have prepared special deals that are not to be missed, spanning two months, just for you! It’s our little way of saying “Thank you!”. These two months, we are also bringing back SouperChef Specials that you have voted for. We share your love for Korean soups, so this round, it’s going to be a Korean feast of soups! Much love from me, from the world, to our kitchen, to you.

Soup Up to Goodness,

SouperChef Anna

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Bulgogi Style Jungol

Most of us would have eaten bulgogi (bbq meat) at Korean restaurants or attempted to make it at home for parties. In 2011, a poll by CNN even had bulgogi listed at no. 23 on the “World’s 50 Most Delicious Food” readers’ poll. And today, it has inspired a whole new food culture from burgers to food trucks serving tacos with bulgogi. I was pondering on bulgogi’s potential as a stew and in my research, I found out that small restaurants at train stations would serve at lunchtime, ddukbaegi bulgogi, a hotpot of beef slices cooked with mushrooms, and noodles added. Here goes my version made with potatoes, carrots, beef cubes marinated bulgogi style and damyeon (potato starch noodles). Added my little twist with pears and honey. 먹자 (Let’s eat!)

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Samgyetang My Version

I love Korean ginseng chicken soup! At home, I make it with the traditional method of using a whole ginseng root and a whole chicken, stuffed with glutinous rice. Our rendition here uses tender marinated chicken pieces cooked with carrots, wolfberries, red dates, gingko nuts, chestnuts, a variety of oriental mushrooms and to thicken the broth and up the nutritional quotient, we have bulked it with short grain white and brown rice , glutinuous rice and soya beans. Taste the goodness of wolfberries that are high in antioxidants, and old ginger that dispels wind from the body to prevent rheumatism and aids digestion. Koreans have a saying called ‘yi yeol chi yeol’ (이열치열) which loosely translates as ‘to fight the heat, you must fight it with more heat as well’. Typically eaten during the hottest summer months, it is believed that the high nutritional content replaces important vitamins and minerals lost through excessive sweating and physical exertion. How appropriate for our Singapore hot and humid weather! This soup particularly nourishes the liver and kidneys and helps boost blood circulation. Guaranteed to bring the radiance back to your cheeks!

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Kimchi Dubu Doenjang Jjigae

I am a big fan of kimchi! I also happen to love soondubu jjigae (soft beancurd spicy stew) and doengjang jjigae (soybean paste stew). Hence when I sat down to create my perfect vegan Korean stew, it made perfect sense to combine all three of my favourites and harmonise them into one melting pot of awesome comfort food! I have decided to make it meatless as I believe the kimchi and the fermented soybean paste bring a level of umami factor that does not need any addition of meat cuts. This stew nostalgically brought back memories of the trip with my kids to Jeju-do, where we celebrated my birthday in October 2013. Probably for some, this would spring back childhood memories, or a comforting warmth of home-cooked meals. What does this SouperChef Special remind you of?

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