SouperChef Specials | Be Fit & Fab Round 2

Soups. It’s part of my identity, part of my ancestry, and a big part of my life story. This year, it is my greatest wish to make soups an integral part of YOUR story as well. More specifically, your health and fitness story!

You may have already seen our invite to you to our Souper Life launch event on 11 March, held in collaboration with Trium Fitness. This event is a snapshot of what we want to do with our soups to jumpstart and sustain a healthy lifestyle for all! You know our soups are my pride and joy, always designed with a clean eating lifestyle in mind. In Souper Life, we have put together value-for- money soup subscription plans to cater to every need, every body. And we can’t stress enough the importance of fitness and wellness, so we are souper stoked to have like-minded partners to journey with us so we can all embark on this Souper Life together. Make soups part of your regular eating habits to slim and strengthen, and get yourself up and about to move more so you can sleep better, live stronger! Over time, your body will thank you for all the good! Our subscription plans, promotions and events are constantly evolving to ensure that this Souper Life is always exciting and sustainable for you, so do check out our website to find out more!

This round, you can also look forward to SouperChef Specials that are steeped in tradition and nutrition. This March is looking pretty good, don’t you agree? So, Be Fit and Fab with us! Just remember:

Soup Up, Move More, Sleep Well. Repeat And You’ll Be Good For Life!

Soup Up to Goodness,

SouperChef Anna

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Irish Beef and Barley Broth

Where is the pot of gold? At the end of the rainbow and with the help of some shamrock! March 17 th marks Saint Patrick's Day. It is intended for spiritual renewal and offering of prayers for missionaries worldwide, as St. Patrick is the patron saint of Ireland. Today, people celebrate the day with parades, wearing of green, and drinking beer. One reason St. Patrick’s Day might have become so popular is that it takes place just a few days before the first green of spring. To celebrate this vibrant Irish festival, we have decided to feature a beef and barley broth, sans the beer!

In the Irish countryside over the last century, beef and barley broth is typical of the traditional homemade soups and would appear on the farmhouse supper table, or be brought out to workers in the fields who were too busy to come back to the farm for their meal. All the ingredients would normally come from the farm itself: leeks, peas, carrots and onions from the kitchen garden, beef from the farm's own cattle, barley from the fields growing the early grain crops that would become food for man and herd, or else, sold to one of the big Irish brewers. We have recreated this special stew steeped with traditions of an old world soup, with robust flavours and abundant ingredients. Nothing says hearty and nutritious like a meal with chunky vegetables, and a generous helping of beef in tasty broth accompanied by pearl barley.

May the joy of the Irish be with you!

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Chicken Buckwheat Miso Soup

I love soups all year round, especially brothy ones that are restorative and soothing. For generations, chicken soup has been a remedy of choice for mothers with sick children. Every culture makes one and each has its virtues, loved by both young and old. To me, chicken soup is a constant comfort, and I can’t help but experience a lingering nostalgia associated with my growing up years every time I tuck into a bowl of chicken soup. Chicken soup will always be special and etched in my heart and soul. After all, it is the very first soup I learned to make while I was studying in Perth. This SouperChef Special is inspired by my love for chicken soup and soba noodles cooked in miso. It is light and delicately flavoured with a bit of ginger, then with miso to finish. Instead of soba noodles or egg noodles, I have used buckwheat to provide a hearty wholegrain boost that is an excellent source of fibre and magnesium. The basil pesto stirred in at the end provides the sweet, salty nuttiness that transforms this simple chicken soup into something quite extraordinary!

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French Ratatouille

Yes, the vegetable stew made famous by the movie “Ratatouille”. When I first made this stew two years before the movie was released, the name was hard to pronounce and we had to put its pronounciation next to the name for our staff and customers. But after the movie, it became unnecessary as everyone pronounced it perfectly! The power of a successful movie. This beautiful vegetable stew is a celebration of the best of French cuisine. It is thick with a wide array of colourful vegetables and truly a feast for the eyes. Potatoes, carrots, french beans, eggplant, cauliflower, zucchini and fresh peas married with plump, juicy tomatoes stewed to tender perfection, and seasoned with fresh herbs. Lavish yet nutritious!

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