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Can you believe that we are going to usher in the Year of the Rooster in just a few weeks? How has the past year been for you? Are you like me, looking forward to a time of reunion with loved ones, a time of rest from work, a time of reflection? This past year has passed me by in a big, fast whirl. We have opened new outlets islandwide, collaborated with like-minded partners to bring you Gudetama Café Singapore, formed a food service collective, The Common Good Compancy, to redefine convenience meals. Our hearts are full. With so much time spent on work this year, I can’t be more thankful for this Lunar New Year, a loud reminder for me to slow down and make time for the people who are dear to me. Hence, our Chinese New Year catalogue and Asian-inspired SouperChef Specials are all about being Together This New Year. It’s about setting aside time, sitting down to good food, great soups and just being there, in heart and in soul for people who matter. We’ve worked hard on the food, so you don’t have to. These are our treasured recipes for the most nutritious and tastiest of stocks for your hotpot reunion feasts. We’ve also curated premium seafood so all you need to do is click and collect, and if you are too busy, we deliver. Make a conscious effort to make this Chinese New Year count for something. A happy and healthy new year, from our kitchen to yours! Have a soupberb time Together This New Year!

Soup Up to Goodness,

SouperChef Anna

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Beauty Collagen Stew

Almost every country and culture around the world boasts of some kind of restorative, comforting chicken soup. The practice of ingesting collagen to fight the effects of aging has been going on in the homes of Japan for years, but has only recently become a mainstream practice. The craze over skin-smoothing collagen has spread to “bijin nabe”, meaning beauty hotpots, with restaurants serving up collagen in the broth. On my recent trip to Japan, I had the opportunity to eat at Hanamidori, a mizutaki restaurant in Hakata serving such collagen hotpots. When I set out to create a new SouperChef Special, I wanted to make a souper soul food using our homemade collagen stock that has been simmered for more than 16 hours to extract rich flavours and maximum nutrition. It worked wonderfully well when combined with yamaimo (mountain yam) and sea cucumber. Definitely a beauty booster and perfect for maintaining youthful skin and slow down the aging process. And it tastes awesome!

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Barramundi Kimchi Jjigae

Many have enjoyed the Korean stews we created for the #TSSTakeMeToKorea campaign in 2014, especially the Kimchi Chicken Jjigae. I am a big fan of kimchi and it made sense to combine my favourite locally farmed barramundi from Kühlbarra into one melting pot of awesome comfort food. Barramundi has a clean taste, is high in omega 3 and nutrient-packed brain food benefits. Together with our homemade Kimchi Soup Stock specially produced for this Lunar New Year as a steamboat stock, this is THE miracle souper food, great brain booster and keeps us looking young at the same time! Having this stew brought back memories of my trip with my kids to Jeju-do where we celebrated my birthday in October 2013. Probably for some, this soup will be bringing back childhood memories, reminding one of home or how delicious mum’s food was. What memory does this soup bring back for you?

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Prosperity Black Pepper Beef Stew

Every Chinese New Year, a certain fast food restaurant’s repertoire would include this black pepper beef burger with the infamous twister fries. It is definitely something that many of their fans look forward to. Singaporeans love all things black pepper, from black pepper crabs to their burgers. So this is our healthy and hearty rendition! Succulent grass-fed New Zealand beef cubes seasoned with an abundance of black pepper to jazz up this comforting stew. The meat is simmered in a savoury sauce of red wine and other Asian flavours with onions and mushrooms to tantaliae our tastebuds. Served with wanton crisps to wish all a crackling and prosperous new year ahead!

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Vegan Doenjang Tteokguk

Tteokguk is one of my daughter’s favourite soups at home. She loves the chewy tteok (rice cakes) cooked with oxtail, finished off with beef slices and carrots. Here, I have decided to make a vegan version inspired by the original beef version and combined with doenjang (miso paste) to make a tteokguk X soondubu jjigae, which is one of my favourite Korean stews. The white tteok symbolizes purity and cleanliness and it is very much a family affair to come together to make the tteok from scratch. Kids will have to eat it if they want to grow one year in age. It is really amazing that we are all so similar in our cultures and traditions. In the new year, the Koreans will go back to their hometown to pay their respects to their parents, and children will receive blessings from their elders. It is also well known that eating tteokguk will bring good luck and fortune too, so it is my wish that all who eats this soup in our Chinese Lunar New Year will have good luck! May all your heart’s desires be granted.

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