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When I sat down to write this message, I couldn’t quite keep still! This is a campaign I have a soft spot for, and we have so many plans in the pipeline that I’m squirming a little in excitement! Like many of you, I’ve feasted in the festive offerings of homemade snacks, homecooked dishes and all that the holidays have to offer. And in my line, you know how food tastings and recipe testings are always ongoing too. This campaign is a reminder, a loud one, to always treat my body right. The basics always apply. Eat real food, exercise regularly, drink enough water, and sleep well. While it all sounds easy, we are also all too familiar with how inevitably things crop up to derail our good plans!

So, here’s what The Soup Spoon is here for! We have prepared two rounds of SouperChef Specials, six wholesome soups with my own unique spin on recipes using only the best ingredients I can find, to create vibrant soups that are not only delicious but also a treat and cleanse for your body. We’ve also partnered with fitness and lifestyle forerunner, GYMMBOXX, to bring you prizes and giveaways like gym membership passes and gym bags to make fitness your way of life!

That’s not all. My team is planning something exciting for the #SouperDiet, so more of you can join us on board to soup up to healthy, to weight loss, to a stronger yet lighter body! Keep watching our space on Facebook and Instagram!

For now, we leave you with the hearty goodness of our #TSSBFF SouperChef Specials. Be Fit and Fab!

Soup Up to Goodness,

SouperChef Anna

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Spicy Salmon Miso Jjigae

I am a huge fan of Korean and Japanese soups. This particular stew is a Nabe X Jjigae, inspired by the very famous Ishikari from Hokkaido and the unforgettable Haemultang from Jeju island. Essentially, this is a spicy salmon miso doenjang stew. Traditionally, Ishikari is a miso-based hotpot cooked with salmon and various vegetables such as mushrooms and tofu, and it is very popular during the cold winters in northern Japan. Haemultang or spicy seafood stew is one of Korea’s most famous traditional foods, particularly in Jeju island. It left a deep impression on my taste buds when I had it for breakfast in Jeju island two years back. The broth was spicy but yet sweet, richly packed with abundance of seafood from blue crabs, abalones, shrimps and clams, all seasoned with gojuchang, a red pepper paste. I was inspired to combine these two recipes into one hearty, spicy yet savory salmon stew filled with dangmyeon, nato sprouts, potatoes and mushrooms. A little Japanese sansho pepper sprinkled on it completes me!

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Chicken Broccoli Red Rice Stew

The inspiration for this soup comes from a frequently cooked dish during my university days – stir-fried broccoli with chicken, mushroom and tomatoes served over rice. It was a simple one-dish meal but it provided so much sustenance and comfort. I have very fond memories of this dish and I thought, why not recreate it and make it into a hearty stew? I have made this SouperChef Special with a few minor touch-ups, upping the nutrient quotient using red unpolished rice and serving it with a salted herb pesto. My pride and joy!

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Soulful Vegan Chilli

I have received countless emails from regular customers requesting us to widen our repertoire of vegan choices. This recipe is a lovely alternative to a traditional chilli con carne, packed with good stuff, full of soulful flavour and hearty enough to eat as a meal. It has been loaded with roasted sweet potatoes, zucchini, tofu and beans, simmered slowly with chillies, cumin and paprika in a smoky tomato-based soup. Enjoy the soup topped with sour cream, shredded cheddar cheese, chopped spring onions, tortilla chips and a squeeze of lime. Awesome!

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