Frequently Asked Questions

About The Souper Diet

1. How much weight can I lose if I go on the Souper Diet?

As with all weight loss diets, results will differ from individual to individual. Our pilot programme in the past year saw an average weight loss of 4.3kg after the 28-day programme. We are firm advocates of pacing yourself for the long run with good eating habits. Keep track of your progress weekly and not be obsessed with the daily numbers on the weighing scale. Change the way you eat, and the kilos will leave you naturally. The Souper Diet has got to be the best start!

2. Can I eat rice or bread with my soups in this Souper Diet?

The Souper Diet is a soup-based diet that controls your calorie intake using soup as a complete meal. To achieve the best results, we recommend that you consume the whole pack of Take-Home Soup Pack for lunch and dinner without supplementing with additional calories. A swirl of plain or Greek yoghurt as a condiment is fine.

3. Do I have to drink soup for breakfast too?

No, you don’t. Feel free to eat anything you fancy for breakfast so you can satisfy any cravings you may have. Of course, staying clear of greasy, deep-fried and fatty foods will get you more effective results from the Souper Diet!

4. What if I get hungry?

Our body system may take some time to ease into the diet with readjusted amount of food. If you feel the need to snack between your soup meals, feel free to but do try stick to healthy snacks like fruits and yoghurt (plain or flavoured are both fine).

5. Do I have to follow a fixed menu during the Souper Diet programme?

We do not want to restrict you! Choose the soups that you enjoy and try some others that you don’t usually take! A useful tip is to take a heavier soup like a meat-based soup at lunch and a lighter soup for dinner.

6. What if I can’t finish one packet of Take-Home Soup Pack during the Souper Diet programme?

If you are a light eater, we suggest that you apportion some soup out and enjoy it for your tea break. The soups are meant to fill you up and nourish you, so don’t be afraid to finish up the pack! You can even take ‘half and half’, i.e. half a packet of one flavour, and half a packet of another flavour.

7. Do I have to exercise to see lose weight from the Souper Diet?

The Souper Diet is a meal replacement diet that will yield weight loss results even without exercise. But of course, working up a sweat is always recommended for holistic well-being! Just remember to listen to your body and pace your exercise regime and lifestyle according to your energy level during the Souper Diet programme.

8. Can I take caffeine when I am on the Souper Diet?

We are big coffee and tea lovers ourselves! The answer is yes, please go ahead to enjoy your favourite cuppa, but in moderation, and preferably without the sugar and creamer. Trust us, good coffee and tea taste even better without all those sweeteners. Enjoy your caffeine charge without the unnecessary calories!

9. Can I still take sugary soft drinks when I am on the Souper Diet?

We say no to empty calories. If you need a little sugar boost, we recommend you to take coconut water that has natural sweetness, hydrates and replenishes your body with nutrients and essential electrolytes.

10. Can I take alcohol when I am on the Souper Diet?

If you do need a drink, please go ahead and enjoy a glass or two. If you follow the Souper Diet programme strictly, you should still see weight loss results even with moderate alcohol consumption. Remember though that alcohol can contain high calories, so always drink in moderation!

11. The Take-Home Soup Packs are delivered chilled. How should I prepare my soups at work?

The Take-Home Soup Packs are delivered chilled for food safety reasons. If you have a microwave at work, simply follow the instructions on the pack. Otherwise, you will need to have the soups heated up at home and stored in a 600-750ml vacuum flask.

12. Why do I feel very gassy and flatulent when I am on the Souper Diet? Is it normal?

Yes, it is normal. Nothing to worry about when your body is in a cleansing, detox mode. Sip your soup slowly for better digestion and reap the benefits of a cleaner, healthier and lighter body!

About the ordering process

1. I need to travel and be away for 2 weeks , so can I stop for two weeks?

There is a limited validity period for our 28-Day Programme and Upgrade Programme, so we will recommend that you commence the Souper Diet Programme after your travelling.

2. When does the validity period start?

Programme start date is based on the delivery date of your 1st week’s purchase. For example, if you sign up on 15 Jan 2016 and delivery date is scheduled on 1 Feb 2016, your start date is considered as 1 Feb 2016.

3. What is the validity period?

Please note that each programme has different duration and expiry dates. Do check ‘My Subscription’ page for your validity period!

4. Can I still purchase the Souper Diet Programme if I’m not a registered Souperholic member?

All our Souper Diet Programme accounts are tied to the Souperholic programme, so you will have to sign up for a Souperholic account and log in to order. Our Souperholics enjoy great perks, so you certainly won’t regret coming on board as a Souperholic!

5. Can I continue to order my soups if my Souper Diet Programme has expired and I have not placed all my orders?

We are sorry, but all Souper Diet Programmes will expire strictly on the expiry date dated on your subscription.

6. When will The Soup Spoon credit my Souperholic Points?

Superholic points will be credited after you have successfully made payment and returned to the ‘Thank You’ page.

7. Where can I view my purchase history and my Weekly Supply?

You can see your subscription(s) and the statuses (Ongoing, Done, Refunded etc) in ‘My Subscription’ page in your Souperholic account after you have logged in. Similarly, you can order your Weekly Supply from ‘My Subscription’ page as well.

8. Can I order more than one Souper Diet Programme?

You may order one of each plan in one order. For example, you can purchase the 7-Day Trial and the 28-Day Programme in one single order. However, you will not be able to sign up for two quantities of the same plan, ie you can’t order two 7-Day Trials in a single order.

9. I have changed my mind about subscribing to the Souper Diet Programme. Can I get a refund?

Refund is applicable only for the 28-Day Programme, subject to administrative charge. Request for refund is only allowed before the programme starts or within 7 days after the first delivery.