The Souper Diet is a 28-day soup-based meal plan designed to help you lose weight without losing nutrients, and gain control of your health without gaining weight. It was born out of our love for soups and the weight loss success we had in keeping to a meal plan centered around our soup menu. When we embarked on the Souper Diet, we realised just how easy it was to keep to the soup diet and see visible weight loss while creating clean eating habits. After some fine-tuning, we are souper stoked to share this weight loss soup diet with you!

Been There, Done That

How to lose weight? How to lose weight fast? What’s the best diet plan? We’ve asked these ourselves so many times over. Let’s be honest – we’ve all had our own frustrations with weight loss and detox plans. We’re constantly hungry, struggling with cravings, feeling weak and immensely sick of eating the same salads or shakes meal after meal. There really is no short cut to weight loss, but we dare say, this Souper Diet is as good as it gets to an effective weight loss plan that visibly shows you results holistically!

Stay Slim with Soups

Light and easily digestible, soups are also extremely satisfying and versatile. Studies have shown that the combination of liquid and solids fills you up more effectively and for longer, than if you eat exactly the same amount of food but drink the liquid separately. Furthermore, the high liquid content, together with water from the ingredients like vegetables, allows for better absorption of nutrients into the body. This means less bloating and a happier body! This is NOT a fad diet. This is NOT a quick-fix diet. This is a simple, sustainable, safe soup diet that makes you feel souper good! We’ve designed the Souper Diet to work for you. You choose the soups. You decide when to enjoy them. You can even sprinkle on your favourite herbs, seeds, perhaps swirl in a dollop of plain yoghurt if you fancy.

New Year, New You

So how to lose weight, you may ask again? We’d say – lose weight safely without compromising on your dietary needs. Kickstart a healthier, happier 2016 with our Souper Diet that helps to fill you up, lighten up, crush cravings, and nourish you. Cheers to a New Year, New You!


We’ve designed the Souper Diet to work for you. Choose your preferred programme and check out our promotions and perks too!


• 14 Take-Home Soup Packs of any flavour (7 days X 2 packs a day)
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• 56 Take-Home Soup Packs of any flavour (28 days X 2 packs a day)
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