It’s sustainable.

Many of us have embarked on weight loss diet plans but found the devotion lacking. “I want to lose weight and I’ve tried all the diets already!” We hear you. “How to lose weight fast when I don’t have time to exercise? ” We hear you. “How to lose weight when there are buffets everywhere in Singapore?” We hear you too.

But when foods are bursting with natural tastes and brimming with nutrients, it’s quality over quantity. We can content ourselves with less. Soups are known to be able to fill you up nicely and crush cravings. Check out our ingredients on the Take-Home Soup Packs – we come clean so you can eat clean. There is also a variety of soups you can choose from, including our seasonal Souper Inspirations. No more boring, painful diet plans just to lose weight!

So, how to lose weight? We are firm advocates of pacing yourself for the long run with good eating habits. Drop the idea of quick-fix diets. The Souper Diet provides nutrition without compromising on body needs and health. You can lose weight and maintain your lifestyle. Change the way you eat, and the kilos will leave you naturally. Why not now?

It’s simple.

Believe us, it is possible to have your cake (in this case, soup) and eat (or drink) it too. The Souper Diet is simple and effective. And it’s highly likely that your Souper Diet experience is going to be so enjoyable that you forget you are actually on a diet!

How to lose weight with the Souper Diet? Start your day with a leisurely breakfast of congee or kaya toast or really, whatever you fancy. Look forward to lunch and heat up your preferred flavour of Take-Home Soup Pack in minutes with the microwave oven, or just slightly longer over the stove. Pour it into your favourite bowl and savour the soup meal. Pick another flavour for dinner – you have plenty to choose from! Eat to lose weight, how great is that!

1 or 2 soup meals a day for 4 weeks. You can lose weight with no starving, no cravings. It’s that simple. Ordering your Souper Start is a breeze too – just click on “Order Now” button!

It’s souper.

Soup is an unsurpassed way of eating the essence of all things good. Soup is our quick answer to ‘how to lose weight’. We have saved you the toil of stirring an endlessly simmering pot, so all you need to do is to enjoy our soups, which you already know, taste souper.

Remember that while you may celebrate the drop of a dress size and revel in your lightness of being, the Souper Diet is much more than merely losing weight. It’s what we always advocate at The Soup Spoon – develop a clean and balanced approach to eating with good and responsible produce, and enjoy the company of your loved ones as you tuck in! You are what you eat, so eat souper, and feel souper too!

One of the easiest ways to make this work is to embark on the journey with your buddies! It’s not too late to round up your pals to soup up and lose weight together! Just point them to this page and order your Souper Diet together!

Safety Note: This diet should not be considered a replacement for professional medical treatment. Please consult a doctor in all matters relating to health, particularly if you are pregnant, convalescing or have any other symptoms that require diagnosis or medical attention. The Soup Spoon will not accept any legal responsibility for any illness sustained while following the diet plans.