Soup Up, Move More, Sleep Well. Repeat and You’ll be Good for Life!

Soup meal subscription plans for every lifestyle, every need, every body, nasties-free.


We are firm advocates of pacing yourself for the long run with good eating habits. It’s what we always believe in at The Soup Spoon – develop a clean and balanced approach to eating with responsible produce! Check out our ingredients on the Take-Home Soup Packs – we come clean so you can eat clean. Souper Life lets you enjoy maximum nutrition without compromising on your body needs and health. With so many exclusive flavours, you’ll be embracing your new eat-clean lifestyle with a big, wide smile!


Soup is an unsurpassed way of eating the essence of all things good. Studies have shown that soups can be hefty on nutrition, yet light on calories. They fill you up nicely and crush cravings, so we can content ourselves with less. While you may celebrate the drop of a dress size and revel in your lightness of being, Souper Life is much more than that. Change the way you eat, and the kilos will leave you naturally. Feeding your body right also means less bloating, less overeating, better absorption of nutrients and a healthier, happier you!


Whether you are intending to lose weight or simply wish to incorporate our delicious and nutritious soups into your life, we have just the right plans for every need and every body, nasties-free!

2 Plans Available

14-Pack Souper Trooper

What’s included:

  • 14 soup packs*
  • Free delivery
  • 1 box (15 sachets) of Souper Life Wellness Tea blended by Gryphon, worth $20
  • Earn Souperholic points

3 soup menus to choose from:

Choose from Classic Take-Home Soup Pack flavours:

  • Meatless Minestrone
  • Roasted Pumpkin
  • Tangy Tomato

Choose from Classic flavours + the following premium flavours:

  • Velvety Mushroom
  • Beef Goulash
  • Boston Clam Chowder
  • Peppery Chicken Hotpot
  • SG Chicken & Mushroom Ragout
  • Tokyo Chicken Stew.

Choose from Classic & Premium flavours + current month’s 3 SouperChef Specials.

28-Day Souper Diet

Every weekly delivery includes:

  • 14 soup packs
  • Free delivery
  • 1 box (15 sachets) of Souper Life Wellness Tea blended by Gryphon, worth $20
  • 1 Sistema Microwave Noodle Bowl (leakproof with easy locking clips and vent), worth $13

Special Souper Diet premium! Choose 1 from:

• 300ml Made by Fressko RISE flask, worth $54.95

• 500ml Stainless Steel THERMOS Vacuum Food Jar, worth $55

• 2 boxes of Souper Life Wellness Tea worth $40

• Yunmai Weighing Scale, worth $45