SouperChef Anna’s Message | Be Fit & Fab 1 (KETO SERIES)

SouperChef’s Message | Be Fit & Fab 1 (KETO SERIES)

This season right after festivities tends to be heavy for me. Literally! Like many of you, I started the year embracing my new year resolutions. Research conducted by Strava discovered that most people falter on their motivations on the second Friday of January. Ouch! But what if we reframe resolutions?

What if resolutions were tasty, easy choices that fill us with energy and help us to Be Fit and Fab?

That’s what our SouperChef Specials this month are about—#tastegoodchoosegood, keto-friendly soups we can’t wait to have! Anchor your resolutions into something you enjoy and let them be your privilege, not a chore. Let’s Be Fit and Fab together this Feb!



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