The Soup Spoon stands for eating clean and being a culinary creative. We harvest the inspirations from the traditional cuisines of the world to make soups and food that are a reflection of who we are at The Soup Spoon. We believe in developing a balanced approach to food, going back to the uncomplicated ways of using less processed food and with sustainable sourcing. Our people are custodians of this passion, this purpose. Fuelled by this passion, we bring to you ‘The World in One Kitchen’.

Here, we want to create food that is comforting for the diners eating alone, that is nourishing for the ones at work. We want to provide an alternative that is homey and sustaining for the individuals who are eating out. This is food we are happy to serve even our children and the convalescents. This is a place we are proud to bring our visitors to savour our local warmth.

At The Soup Spoon, we strongly encourage all team members to express their opinions and initiatives to make the working environment more enjoyable for everyone. We believe in a shared ownership and identity in our family here. We want to groom you with care and respect, award your achievements and efforts, and journey with you as you become exemplary leaders in this industry.

We welcome you warmly to join our family at The Soup Spoon to help us advocate this clean and balanced way of eating with good and sustainable produce, celebrating the diversities of the world. Join us now at The Soup Spoon, where you will be part of the meaningful and exciting journey to create The World In One Kitchen!