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  • Vegan Arroz Samfaina La Cassola Vegan Arroz Samfaina la Cassola

    The inspiration behind Vegan Arroz Samfaina la Cassola. The Rocas brothers’ El Celler de Can Roca had just been crowned the world’s best restaurant and given 3 Michelin Stars. I have heard that it is a year’s wait to dine there since each service sits only 45 thereabout. I had the privilege to dine at their parents’ […]

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  • Basquaise Spicy Seafood Stew Basquaise Spicy Seafood Stew

    Inspiration behind Basquaise Spicy Seafood Stew: When we were in Zaragoza, capital of Aragon, we were asked by the front desk where we had been. We accounted our visit to Basque Country of Donostia and Bilboa, and he chuckled and said “It will never be the same again.” I truly understand why he said so. Inspired by […]

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  • Homestyle Cock-a-Doodle Soup

    My days at Murdoch University hold fond memories that never fail to bring a smile on my face. This was where I met Andrew, my husband and also Benedict—the trio who started The Soup Spoon! This is also the place where I learned to make chicken soup—a classic favourite of my then-student self. Little did […]

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  • B.F.F. Stew

    The wonderful thing about not being back in Perth for six years is that catching up with family and friends is made more precious than usual. Time indeed flies so fast when you’re having fun! March is one of the best times to come to Perth with good weather and plentiful seasonal produce. Vegetables that […]

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  • Souperchef Special | Prosperity Black Pepper Beef Stew

    Souperchef Special | Prosperity Black Pepper Beef Stew (Beef | Contains Gluten | Dairy-Free | Spicy) Every Chinese New Year, a certain fast food restaurant’s repertoire would include this black pepper beef burger with the infamous twister fries. It is definitely something that many of their fans look forward to. Singaporeans love all things black […]

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