SouperChef Special | Chicken Collagen Radish Stew (KETO SERIES)

Chicken Collagen Radish Stew (KETO SERIES) 

Contains Chicken | Contains Gluten | Dairy-Free


If there were a Most Popular Award for our soups, Beauty Collagen Stew would have been a strong contender! Using its base recipe with our homemade collagen stock simmered for more than 16 hours, we’ve also added radish, sharksfin melon and cabbage. This is one comforting and restorative keto-friendly stew!

Ingredients: Chicken collagen stock (water, chicken bones, chicken feet, salt), chicken thigh, sharksfin melon, white radish, Chinese cabbage, ginger, garlic, light soy sauce (water, soybeans, wheat, salt), dried shiitake mushrooms, salt

Condiments: Ginger scallion oil, spring onion, toasted sesame seeds.


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