Made with natural ingredients without preservatives, our convenient meal kits are gourmet creations
you can enjoy in the comfort of your home! Simply reheat, relax and reward yourself with a nourishing good meal!

E-Store Exclusives

We’ve curated the best of our creations just for you, available only on our e-store!

Premium Soup Stocks

The humble soup stock is central to even the grandest hotpot. That’s why we’ve made our stocks from scratch with abundance of care and premium ingredients.

SouperChef Specials

Grab these popular seasonal soups in our convenient and resealable Take-Home Soup Packs, available for a limited time only!


Our evergreen soups that are time-honoured, here to stay as staples in your soup bowl! Available in our Take-Home Soup Packs for maximal convenience!

Home Series

Our The Soup Spoon Home Series bring you a curation of comforting classics with subtle tweaks for homey meals that never demand your time and energy.


We’ve done all the cooking so all you need to do is to heat and eat!

Home-Helpers [Sauces]

 Have a breezier fuss-free cooking with our handy home-helpers and still serve up wholesome and impressive meals for your family!


Enjoy our baked goods, delicate and delectable, savoury or sweet, and always such a welcomed treat!