Toss to Prosperity with The Soup Spoon’s Auspicious Lo Hei

Usher in the Lunar New Year with The Soup Spoon’s Auspicious Lo Hei, a thoughtfully-designed lou hei (捞起, or Cantonese for “tossing-up”) set that is perfect for gifting or simply to impress at your next gathering during the festivities, in the comfort of home. The Auspicious Lo Hei will be available for $38.80 at all The Soup Spoon outlets from 25 January 2024 to 25 February 2024 for walk-in purchase and dine-in.


Healthy and sustainably sourced ingredients for a group of 8

The sustainably-sourced ingredients are inspired by The Soup Spoon’s food ethos of championing an affordable, clean-eating option that promotes a healthy lifestyle. Fresh arugula, pumpkin seeds and toasted almond slices add colour, variety and textures to the dish, while a housemade ume wafu vinaigrette imparts a refreshing splash of sweet and tartness as a finishing touch. A generous serving of 100g smoked salmon also added to elevate the dish and for its significance in conveying the concept of abundance.

Elegantly packed gift box with individually-sealed, quality ingredients

The Auspicious Lo Hei comes plated in a circular tray, sealed with a lid and self-contained in a diecut box packaging with carry handles. Condiments are packaged individually for ease of assembly. The quintessential auspicious greetings adorn the box design, providing a visual cue for a fruitful prosperity toss, every time.

Convenient pick-up locations with no pre-order required

To fit with the busy schedules of individuals, The Soup Spoon Auspicious Lou Hei Set is conveniently available for pick up at any of our 31 locations island-wide from January 25 to February 25. With a total of 31 locations island-wide, The Soup Spoon offers a casual dining environment that is cosy and inviting for social gatherings of any size.

Halal certified, perfect for any gathering

The brand’s halal certification ensures an inclusive dining experience for Malay customers and the Muslim community to enjoy the Chinese tradition of lou hei at any The Soup Spoon outlets this Lunar New Year.

Have a taste of the Auspicious Lo Hei in Mini

Perfect as a sampler or an introduction to the Auspicious Lo Hei, The Soup Spoon’s Mini Lo Hei comes served in a bowl, fully-assembled and yields a single portion for an individual. Key ingredients from the main Auspicious Lou Hei Set, such as springy glass noodles and leafy greens of arugula, form the foundation of each bowl, with quinoa, mandarin oranges, and sunflower seeds added for balance. Smoked salmon slices and a housemade ume wafu vinaigrette are then layered over to complete the dish. Available at $8.80 à la carte or with the SouperChef Specials Set at The Soup Spoon.

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