SouperChef Anna’s Message | Memories On The Table (SG Edition)

SouperChef’s Message | Memories On The Table (SG Edition)

Just two weekends ago, I welcomed my party of ten in a long, long while. With palpable energy, we fussed over how much the children, herbs (and TV size) have grown. Through the chatter, we made it to the heart of it all—the table. Fairy lights strung above replaced smart phones to illuminate our faces.

With thanksgiving, we shared sourdough sandwiches and barbecued meats, even a slightly-burnt pizza amidst laughter that made my stomach ache in that good way. This must be what they call sobremesa, literally “over the table” in Spanish—that time spent after a meal, just connecting, enjoying, relaxing. This month, may you enjoy more sobremesa with the nation’s easing of measures, with our Memories On The Table SouperChef Specials!



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