Perth Perfect: Day 8

Our flight was at 2 am the next morning, so we actually have a full day in Perth. Squeezing in as much as we could, we ticked off another must-go breakfast place in the city. It was Sayers Sister in Northbridge (236 Lake St) this time. Highly recommended. Being foodies that we are, we met Ann again for brunch. We were really late when we got there as the GPS was totally unreliable, making us park so far away, right in Northbridge itself and we had to walk for 15 minutes to get to the café. Be prepared to wait for a table especially on weekends as there is always a queue. It was well worth the wait for a table.  By then, we were souper douper hungry and ordered lots this time. The food was amazing.

Sayers Sister, Northbridge

The relaxed environment we loved with cool vibes. Beautiful day to sit outside and watch the cars go by.

The Sayers Sister, Northbridge

The quirky interiors, the purposefully mismatched furniture, all done with artsy flair! uber cool indeed!

Sayers Sister, Northbridge

Waffles with glazed apricots, cacao crumble and the yummilicious blood orange sorbet. Highly reccomended!

Sayers Sister, Northbridge

Pulled pork and melted brie sandwich, pear and ginger chutney, pickled red cabbage and apple slaw. The slaw was really good, beyond amazing.

It was the first time I had cauliflower rice and I absolutely fell in love it. Loving it so much that I decided to actually put it on our menu but mixed in with quinoa.

Sayers Sister, Northbridge

Seared barramundi, a date cashew apricot and cauliflower cous cous, pine nuts, green beans and a salsa verde. Just loved the texture and the fruity taste. The cooked down fruit chutney was savoury yet tart. This was actually from the lunch menu. And it is my favourite.

Sayers Sister, Northbridge

How can anyone resist a Pimms and Lemonade with fresh fruits?

We had coffees while the kiddos sipped on their juices. Conversations were intense as we try to catch up with all the happenings around us. Isn’t it interesting that although we stayed in the small city we have to do our catching up in Perth. Such are the idiosyncrasies in life.

Uncle Frank, an avid recreational fisherman, invited us for a fun afternoon at Woodman Jetty. Activity: to catch scallops. His friend is a pretty good diver and would go on fishing trips in Exmouth. In Perth, the world is indeed your oyster, or abalone. With a permit, you are allowed to catch seafood in a sustainable manner. There are size requirements and you are not allowed to break this law. They even have peeps from the Fishery Department on patrol at the jetties and at places they know are popular with amateurs. I heard that they would check your catch of the day with measuring tapes!

Woodman jetty, scallops, Perth

Woodman Jetty where we had fun in the afternoon awaiting our haul of scallops

Woodman Jetty, scallop diving, Perth

The MAN in the diving suit. Pretty cold waters i can assure you.

Mussels, Perth

Black mussels growing on the beams that support the jetty. They thrive with the salty waters bringing food to them while they grow attached with their beard to the structure of the jetty. Isabella and Elijah were just having so much fun.

Scallops, fishing, diving, Perth

The catch of the day! Scallops, my very first time seeing fresh scallops!

Woodman Jetty, scallop, Perth

A perfect scallop shell. This is the first time I have held a raw scallop. I never knew they really looked like seashell. Most importantly, I always thought they were white shells, and not so rough looking. This experience is indeed precious.

Woodman Jetty, scallops, Perth

Freshly shucked, I enjoyed raw freshly caught scallop for the first time. We had the privilege to experience freshly shucked scallops. Nothing needed when they are this fresh. The flesh is really sweet coupled with the briny seawater, I was in gastronomic heaven.


For a half an hour dive, we went home with 60 scallops. Not shabby at all!

What is an Aussie holiday without some Aussie barbie? If it was one thing we loved it is family barbecues. This was what we had, a night filled with laughters around the barbie, with good friends and family, fresh produce, fresh meats and seafood. Find out more of my ideas and tips on barbecues here.


Figs wrapped with ham and a drizzle of honey


a simple watermelon, feta and mint salad


Broccolini, corn, salmon and figs on the barbie

Aussie Barbie

Whole fish, beef steaks and pork cutlets on the grill

Aussie Barbie, Barbeque

Sausages, lamb chops and miso coated eggplant

Scallops, Perth

The scallops from Woodman Jetty

What a great way to end our Perth holiday! Thank you for your hospitality, for the wonderful time, the inspirations, the campervan adventures and the beautiful people we have met. May our paths cross again!

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