• Barcelona Balsamic Chickpeas

    I had the baby squid with haricot beans bathed in a warm sauce of olive oil and balsamic vinegar at an amazing little tapas bar called Pinotxo in Barcelona’s Mercat de La Boqueria. It was  savory, a delightful combination of flavors. I saw that Juanita, also has a version using chickpeas. This dish is my [...] Continue Reading
  • Wasabi Scallion Lemon Vinaigrette

    A good sauce or vinaigrette is essential to enjoy really fresh seafood from the pristine waters of Australia. Uncle Frank being a seafood enthusiast, brought home lots of fresh seafood. Made this lovely wasabi  lemon vinaigrette on our first day at Perth as a condiment great with scallops, steamed tiger prawns and Coffin Bay oysters. [...] Continue Reading
  • Vegan Chia Seed Pudding

    A raw vegan chia seed pudding the way I like it. Vegan chia seed pudding Ingredients for vegan chia seed pudding You'll Need: 60g Chia seeds 15g Sesame seeds 250 ml Nusmoothies (raspberry blueberry) 50ml Just Picked coco water 2 Medjool dates chopped 20g Wild honey 3 strawberries (chopped) Handful of blueberries Directions: In a weck [...] Continue Reading
  • Tuscan-style Barramundi with Kumara

    This dish was inspired from my love for fennel, olives and capers. I had something similar years ago in Tuscany and it was a memory I could never forget. I loved this dish as it is a lovely main course that can be easily put together. You'll Need: 800g fresh barramundi fillet from Kühlbarra (marinade [...] Continue Reading
  • Tapas on corn crisps Tortilla Española

    Tortilla Española is essentially the national dish of Spain, in my opinion! Commonly known as the Spanish Omelette or Tortilla de Patata or Potato Omelette, it is eaten as a tapa, for breakfast, in a bocadillo (sandwich), or for light dinner with salad and a bit of jamón in Spanish homes. It tastes great whether [...] Continue Reading
  • Spanish style mussels Spanish style steamed mussels

    Great as a tapa with a glass of sangria or wine on one hand. Mussels are commonly eaten in Spain and can be found throughout tapas and pintxos bars. This version was inspired by our pintxos crawl in San Sebastian. We later had a similar version in Barcelona at Cuines Santa Caterina. Our little service [...] Continue Reading
  • Spanish style marinated cuttlefish Spanish cuttlefish tapas style

    Spanish cuttlefish tapas style was inspired by the garlic marinated pulpo we had at Bar La Vina in San Sebastian. Octopus is not so easily readily available in Singapore, hence we made our version with cuttlefish. Cuttlefish or “sepia” as it known in Spain is one of those fabulous delights from the ocean. Cuttlefish is in between [...] Continue Reading
  • Sopa de ajo Sopa de Ajo

    Sopa de ajo or soup of garlic is a traditional Spanish garlic soup made with bread, smoky paprika, jamon, lard, egg poached in chicken broth and laced garlic and sherry. It was a dish that started life as a poor man's porridge in the plains of Castile but today it is the region's gastronomic symbol. I [...] Continue Reading
  • Roasted Snapper with Duo-Colour Kumara

    Snapper is a fish low in fat with a firm texture. I would always have it fried or steamed in Singapore. But,  when Uncle Frank came home with these super fresh red snappers on our second day in Perth, and being a Chinese family, these were probably the few ways that my uncle wants it cooked. [...] Continue Reading
  • Revuelto with asparagus Revuelto with asparagus

    Part of the SouperchefannatravelsxSpain inspiration is the Revuelto with asparagus. Revueltos are a kind of scrambled eggs that usually contain cooked vegetables, like mushrooms, artichokes or squash. But during the warm-weather months, they are often made with wild asparagus. A revuelto makes an easy supper or lunch dish. It is sometimes served as an appetizer [...] Continue Reading
  • Paella in a baking tray Paella my version

    SouperchefannatravelsxSpain foodie inspiration, paella my version! Every country has their nationalistic pride when it comes to food and in Spain's case there is the paella. The most iconic of all, the Paella Valenciana originating from Valencia. The original Valencian Paella recipe consists of a combination of chicken, rabbit, rice, green vegetables, artichokes, peppers, bomba rice, white runner [...] Continue Reading
  • One-cup Ingredient Pancakes

    Incredibly easy to make, this fluffy American-style pancake recipe is adapted from Jamie Oliver with tips of what can be added and what can be served with. Lot of tips to make it a fun thing for kids and the family. Kiddos had a blast helping me make this for breakfast. Also, it's souper campervan-friendly! [...] Continue Reading