• Chicken chillindron Chicken Chilindron

    On the table, fresh ingredients to cook a Spanish chicken stew, chilindron Chicken Chilindron Chicken Chilindron Chicken Chilindron The chilindron is a traditional country stew originating from Aragon in north-east Spain and is also enjoyed in Navarra. It is based on a sauce made with red peppers, tomatoes and garlic and can be cooked with [...] Continue Reading
  • Bhutanese Heirloom Tomato Salad

    We made a Bhutanese-inspired heirloom tomato salad with cottage cheese and the ezay I made in Singapore for Ugyen, our guide. It packs a punch, a delight in the windy summer Bhutan enjoys. This recipe is inspired by a simple Bhutanese cucumber salad that our guide prepared for us one evening. Appetizing fresh and bright, [...] Continue Reading
  • Buckwheat Pancakes

    Our 'stupa' buckwheat pancakes stack, with freshly picked root berries and mint! We learned to make some traditional buckwheat pancakes in a dosai pan in Bhutan. The Bhutanese believed that if you see a ‘mark’ in the pancakes when they are being cooked, it’s an auspicious sign to signify influx of guests! One of the traditional [...] Continue Reading
  • Berberechos, tapas inspired recipe Berberechos a la saffron

    Another SouperchefannatravelsxSpain tapas inspiration, Berberechos a la saffron. Berberechos, or cockles, are a local delicacy in the region of Galicia usually served up with a touch of lemon and parsley. Typically, they are eaten as appetizers or as a pintxo or tapa. The first time, we saw these jewels were in Zaragoza in the Central [...] Continue Reading
  • Aussie-style Barbecue

    Barbecue is something really close to our hearts. During our student days in Perth, we would always have barbecues, sometimes really late in the evenings. I could still remember a road trip back from Darwin vividly, stopping halfway to buy meats at the supermarket and marinating them, ready for the barbie when we reach home. [...] Continue Reading
  • Chawanmushi

    Ingredients: You’ll need: 4 eggs 1.5 packs of Tokyo-Style Chicken Stew Chopped chicken and vegetable (from THSP) Spring onions, for garnish Directions: 1. In a medium bowl, whisk eggs gently while slowly pouring in the chicken soup from the THSP, leaving the ingredients out. 2. Spread the ingredients (i.e. vegetables and chicken) evenly within the bowl. [...] Continue Reading
  • Hamburg Rice with Mushroom Sauce

    Our Velvety Mushroom Stroganoff is hearty on its own, but if you’d like something heavier, you’ll find this recipe simple and thoroughly satisfying! Serves 6 You’ll need (per portion): 200g Velvety Mushroom Stroganoff Take Home Soup Pack  or The Soup Spoon Wild Mushroom Sauce 120g cooked Japanese rice 150g beef patty or beef steak 1 soft [...] Continue Reading
  • Steak with Mushroom Sauce

    Chunky and creamy, our Velvety Mushroom Stroganoff works beautifully as a sauce for steaks or even pasta. With this soup, you can fix up a glorious dinner in minutes! Serves 6 You’ll need: 1 Velvety Mushroom Stroganoff Take Home Soup Pack 6 pieces rib eye or sirloin steak Salt and black pepper to taste Directions: Heat [...] Continue Reading
  • Noodles with Tokyo Chicken Stew Dumplings

    The most comforting dumplings for light and easy meals! This recipe uses our evergreen soup and its ingredients creatively for two complementary dishes. You'll love the convenience of our Take-Home Soup Packs! Serves 2 You’ll need: 1 Tokyo Chicken Stew Take-Home Soup Pack 8 pieces dumpling skins 2X100g ramen noodles or any noodles you fancy 5g [...] Continue Reading
  • Mexican Burritos

    Wow your guests with these easy and pretty munchies at your dinner party! Or have them with your family on stay-in movie night! Makes 6 You’ll need: 1 SG Chicken & Mushroom Ragout Take-Home Soup Pack 6 pieces tortilla skins (~6 inches each) 1 big tomato, sliced 120g iceberg lettuce, shredded Saucy dip using SG Chicken [...] Continue Reading
  • Oiishi Onigiri with SG Chicken & Mushroom Ragout

    We think it is perfect for the lunchbox or a picnic with a flask of green tea! Your child will also thoroughly enjoy molding the onigiri! Makes 12 pieces You’ll need: 1 SG Chicken & Mushroom Ragout Take Home Soup Pack 600g cooked short grain rice 12 pieces seaweed Toasted sesame seeds Onigiri mold or cling [...] Continue Reading
  • Roasted Pumpkin with Red Rice

    This hearty combination brings a bite to our classic Roasted Pumpkin, and fills you up nicely for the hours ahead. A winner’s dinner, we say! Serves 1 You’ll need: (per portion) 250g Roasted Pumpkin soup 120g red rice A poached egg or soft boiled egg Toasted white sesame seeds Spring onion, for garnish Directions: Cook the [...] Continue Reading