SouperChef Anna’s Message | 21st Anniversary

SouperChef’s Message | 21st Anniversary

The 21st birthday is widely and wildly celebrated all around the world. Do you know it has its origins in medieval times from grooming for knighthood? At 7 years old, a boy begins training as a page; at 14, he would become a Squire. And at 21, he will be officially dubbed a Knight! This June, we turn the big 21—no knighthood but no less worthy of cheer!

We don’t ever take it for granted that we can be here to celebrate our “coming of age”. So as a gesture of thanks, enjoy bundled meal promotions, storewide Soupermarket sale, Souperholic app revamp and deals! We only turn 21 once, after all. Thank you for being with us through all the years. We’re beyond grateful.



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