SouperChef Anna’s Message | Bhutan, Unfiltered (Round 2)

Download Bhutan, Unfiltered: A Photo Journal to view our stunning curation of photos taken during our three trips, showcasing Bhutan’s unembellished culture, cuisine, community and how they choose good in their happy country!

SouperChef Anna’s Message | Bhutan, Unfiltered (Round 2)

It’s beautiful and serene here in the highlands. The light combs through the trees and leaves friendly rays on the blooms, every acre of Bhutan filled with a warm promise.

Springtime in March is traditional festival time in Bhutan, the community gathering in twos, threes, even tens and more to watch colourful dances with bold and bright masks and costumes. The music rings loud, the mood stays light. Four years ago, I landed in her warm but dry summer, just in time to work the potato and buckwheat farms with the local farmers, hike through her numerous valleys and pastoral lands.

And during my first trip in the frigid winter of 2014, I experienced the infinite warmth of locals who introduced me to suja (Bhutanese butter tea) and opened up their kitchens and backyards to cook me fresh hot meals. Thanks to our partner Druk Asia, I’m blessed to be able to visit this fabled destination thrice! Still, the gentle, unembellished ways and stories of Bhutan and her people remain fascinating and inspiring.

This is a country that has kept fast food chains out of sight, persisted on organic agriculture free from pesticides. She has banned the sale of tobacco and boasts of having one of the only two national capitals in the world with no traffic lights. The epitome of sustainability, we have much to learn from the ambition and determination of this landlocked Himalayan kingdom in keeping the country unspoiled from rapidly growing modernity. If you haven’t yet downloaded our photo journal, you really should!

This is a stunning curation of the photos we took in our three trips, showcasing Bhutan’s community, culture, cuisine and how easy it is to choose good in this happy country! Savour our SouperChef Specials, inspired by the humble local ingredients and their no-frills culinary methods and stand to win a trip to Bhutan! As always, taste good and choose good. Let’s embrace the ways of the Bhutanese and do our little bit for the planet, a bowl of soup at a time. Enjoy Bhutan, Unfiltered!



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