SouperChef Anna’s Message | Chinese New Year 2019

SouperChef’s Message | Ode to Celebration


I never tire of regaling my childhood stories to the gapes of my city children! Home in Brunei is about darkened knees playing in the backyard, chasing our chickens, watching my grandma slaughter one every Chinese New Year for the reunion dinner. All the kids would gather to pluck feathers off the fowl, wash up and help out with the feast. Almost everything we eat is grown in our humble backyard. Every year, celebrations are ridiculously loud and everyone is grateful for the meat that we get to eat only during this time of the year. Food may not be as plentyful during other times of the year but we are always fabulously filled somehow.


I’m very blessed to be able to define home now in Singapore too. Chicken rice is readily available, no more an annual food affair! Celebrations are extended beyond the family to my friends from work, church and all around. We create new traditions as a way to find comfort, to be centred. Wherever home is, one thing remains — celebrations are always about gratitude in the company of family, whoever these people may be.

Our Vegan Chap Chye Stew!

That’s why this year, we are making an Ode to Celebration, making time for thanksgiving, for family! It’s not about eating lavish meals in restaurants, though those make great memories. It’s about family in a familiar setting, where you know exactly which chair might be wobbly, which end of the table your grandma loves to be. We’ve considered your different palates and preferences and bubbled up some souper yummy and nutritious soup stocks for all your celebration needs! This year, you can find our soup stocks and sauces not just online or in our stores, but also at your nearest NTUC Fairprice outlet! Just get your favourite hotpot items and you are ready to gather some grand moments with your loved ones.


Homemade Dipping Sauce Bundle

Fill your table with delicious and nutritious stocks and sauces!

Celebrate the everyday moments, the year gone by, the people in your lives! From us all at The Soup Spoon, have a restful, blissful new year filled with gratitude and always, souper food.




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