SouperChef Anna’s Message | Fantastic 15 (Round 2)

SouperChef Anna’s Message | Fantastic 15 (Round 2)


In my family, birthday celebrations are always centred around food. Nothing fancy, just home-cooked classics that my husband and children enjoy, cooked with seasonal fare, and a few whimsical tweaks to give some unexpected nuances and keep them surprised.

And that’s the way we choose to celebrate The Soup Spoon’s birthday too! It’s so heartening to see how the votes in the Souper Fans’ Choice Awards are almost always accompanied by declaration of love for the soups! This round, enjoy your flavour-ites made with the same wholesome approach, always with natural ingredients, always with a little surprise element of inspiration, and always with a story to tell!

As we approach the end of our 15th birthday celebrations, would you indulge us a little? Send us your birthday greetings in the form of words and/or pictures, with a touch of orange, our corporate colour! We have dining credits to give away, on top of our lucky draw and other special promotions! Thank you for being such an incredible community of fellow soup-lovers. This birthday wouldn’t have come to be without YOU. Much love from me, from the world, to our kitchen, to you.



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