SouperChef Anna’s Message | Fantastic 16 (Round 1)

SouperChef Anna’s Message | Fantastic 16 (Round 1)

“Why would people want to have just soup for dinner?”

“How much soup can a person drink?”

“Soup? With bread? You sure?”

Our first store at Raffles City in June 2002

Our first store at Raffles City in June 2002. It is 500sq ft and I could vivdly remember we had 38 seats . There was kitchen behind where we do all the food prep and cooking is done in the kettles at the front and soups are served from the kettles directly.

16 years ago, as we took a leap of faith into this venture of passion called The Soup Spoon, we answered many of such questions from well-meaning friends and acquaintances. Yes, soup, we replied with a smile. Hearty soup that takes the rightful place as focus of a meal. Wholesome soup with no nasties. Flavourful soup that you will be happy to serve even the pickiest of eaters. Nutritious soup from bright and cheery stores that you can find peppered all over Singapore.

“Like Starbucks. My dream is that one day, The Soup Spoon will become the Starbucks of soups,” I’d reply, my heart determined, my knees shaking.

16 years later, we are admittedly not there yet, but how my heart is loaded with hope and thanksgiving! I left my job as a healthcare specialist back then with no clue on how to run a business. All I knew was that I really love soup. Along the way, we stumbled, we learned, we grew. And by God’s grace, we are still making soups lovingly from scratch and meeting so many of you who have soupported us all through the years.

Our very own Ready-To-Eat meals!

From our very first store at Raffles City, we are now a family of 24 stores and growing, our Take-Home Soup Packs and Ready-To-Eat meals proudly displayed on supermarket shelves in Singapore and Hong Kong. We’ve worked with many like-minded partners to create character-themed restaurants, customised food service items for McDonald’s and other F&B establishments. We’ve travelled far and wide because there are people who believed in us and trusted us to create recipes from their beloved products and countries. And there is still so much more to explore and experience!

To the green fields and grazing cows of New Zealand!

Having a go at this labourious task of harvesting salt in Japan!

Thank you for letting us warm your hearts a bowl at a time, for so many times these past 16 years. This June, let us indulge you with the winners of the Souper Fans’ Choice Awards, our hot favourite soups from seasons past! Be treated to generous discounts, special set meals, giveaways and lucky draw in celebration of our sweet 16th! Fantastic 16 is for you as much as it is for us!



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