SouperChef Anna’s Message | New Year New You 2018

SouperChef Anna’s Message | New Year New You 2018


Happy 2018! You know what? In my first draft of this message, I had it as ‘2017’ — I simply couldn’t believe it’s already 2018! And knowing myself, I’ll still be writing ‘2017’ for at least the next three months!


Last year, I leapt into January with a 28-day soup diet from Souper Life, feeling more energetic and healthier than ever before. That’s the kind of lifestyle we envision with Souper Life — no hunger pangs from inadequate diets, no massive cravings that derail our good plans to eat right, no compromise on nutrients! Together with my weekly yoga and fitness training sessions, loads of water and more restful sleep, even my skin felt suppler and my mood more uplifted during the busiest of days!

Have you checked out our Souper Life website? Loads of goodies to help you jumpstart and sustain a clean eating lifestyle!

So this 2018, I’m sticking to this less-is-more approach, focusing on quality over quantity. Less calorie-laden foods with little nutrition and more nutrient-dense soups and stews. Less sedentary screen time and more walks and runs. Less yes’s and more no’s to things that don’t matter as much.

Chicken Broccoli with Red Rice stew

Chicken Broccoli with Red Rice stew

For New Year New You, we’ve adopted this approach too in our curation of Souper Life meal subscription plans and our seasonal menu of SouperChef Specials! Less calories and more flavours and nutrients. Less gimmicks and more bang for buck for everyone. Enjoy sustainable soup meal subscriptions from our very own Souper Life, relaxing treatments from Atos Wellness and giveaways by GYMBOXX! Follow us on @souperlifesg for lifestyle and health tips and promotions! Cheers to a New Year, New You!




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