SouperChef Anna’s Message | Random Musings

SouperChef Anna’s Message | Random Musings

I woke up earlier than everyone else in the family one Saturday morning, with just the welcoming hiss of the coffee machine and a double shot of caffeine for company. It had been a long week and I craved a quiet morning to myself. But barely two sips of coffee later, my two kids were all over me, messy morning hair, incoherent morning talk and all.

“Mum, what are we having for breakfast?”

“Hey, that’s mine!”

“Why are you using this cup?”

“You know, this is nice. Wear more colours, Mum!”

“I want to go! Can we go?”


Honestly, it was a flurry of everything and anything and I really don’t quite remember what we talked about. But oh, what joy the half-sleepy banter made! We talked about falling leaves in the backyard, rainbow-coloured slime, new handmade outfits, Chinese assignments, Netflix favourites, lame jokes and then more. Just like that, the quiet Saturday bloomed into an uplifting shower of confetti made of random musings.

Outside, the estate has started to wake. A door slammed in the strong wind. The neighbour’s dog barked. My coffee has turned cold by then, but hey, I didn’t even need it anymore. I was bright as a button and I thought, it’s really ok not to be spectacularly structured. It’s even brilliant to be random and just let things flow and flourish.

So this month, enjoy these SouperChef Specials that I randomly drew out from the deep repertoire of my soup creations! But perhaps, they aren’t quite so random after all. These are precious flavours I’ve spent hours refining and something’s calling me to bubble them up again for all to enjoy! Here’s a call to you too — to enjoy the moments of ordinary, to take unplanned walks or jogs (I just did!), to sing random songs that come to your mind, to wear a frivolous shade and see if it makes you “tsk” or “wow”. We are going “random” this month and we hope you’ll love what we bring to you!




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