SouperChef Anna’s Message | Reunion at Home 2022

SouperChef’s Message | Reunion at Home 2022

Did you notice that when Christmas and Chinese New Year are close together, decorations and menus morph from one to another in an overnight surreal blur? Just like that, CNY is here!

Let’s celebrate with a little brilliant fun at the dining table! Enjoy our newly curated CNY menu of marinated meats for the cosiest BBQ and hotpot Reunion At Home, in plenty of style with BRUNO Compact Hotplate! I know my children are going to love cooking their own CNY reunion dinner!

We’ve also resized and repriced our CNY Specials to bring you more huat and cheer. If you’re up for some festive luxury, there’s Isles of Eden’s frozen hydrated sea cucumber. Together with our CNY SouperChef Specials and signature stocks, we hope to make your new year souper splendid.

Happy new year from us all at The Soup Spoon!



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