SouperChef Anna’s Message | Souper Quornscious Round 2

SouperChef Anna’s Message | Souper Quornscious Round 2

“I thought I’ll miss meat.”

We thought we would too! Who knew going meat-free would be such a treat?

Right from the beginning, we had been souper stoked about our #SouperQuornscious collaboration with Quorn™, a company committed to making tasty food that is just as sustainable as it is nutritious. We knew it was a step in the right direction towards conscious eating, without any compromise in nutrition and flavour. Your tremendous soupport for Round 1 of our SouperChef Specials shows us that we are indeed ready to do more for our planet, for our health! With delicious meat-free, guilt-free offerings, it can be easy to choose good!

You can easily make your own meat-free meal with our Take-Home Soup Packs!

Sustainability isn’t and shouldn’t be just a buzzword. Like you, we are heartened by the straw ban in many food establishments locally and globally, the reduced use of plastic bags, the growing interest in our local produce and culinary creations. Here at The Soup Spoon, we are also exploring ways to make good of our food waste — to compost or dispose them in the best way possible for the planet.

We have made beautiful We Bare Bears lunch bags and food flasks to reduce the use of one-time disposables. We are working on offering incentives for customers who bring their resuables for takeaways. But if there is one thing we can do as an individual to combat climate change and reduce our carbon footprint, it would certainly be to reduce our meat consumption!

This month, we have three new meat-free SouperChef Specials featuring Quorn™ products! We are continuing with our Meatless Mondays offering meat-free renditions of your favourite mainstay soups, as well as the “Choose Good” challenge to make meat-free eating fun and rewarding. Let’s make our #SouperQuornscious choices count for something.








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