SouperChef Anna’s Message | Souperfoodie 2018

SouperChef Anna’s Message | Souperfoods 2018

What do you call a food that boasts of rich levels of nutrients in one neat package, yet are low in calories? A food that boosts our immunity, makes our hair shine, our skin glow? A food so good for our bodies it sounds untrue? While there is no medical or scientific formality to date, these nutrient powerhouses are commonly known as superfoods! Being in the F&B industry myself, I’m well aware of the pitfalls that can come from intense and often unethical marketing gimmicks. Due to the lack of formal regulation in the use of the term ‘superfoods’, it’s easy to get pulled in to the fancy world of food marketing. Take for instance the açaí berry. The dark purple colour fruit native to the Amazon rain forests is often anointed as the queen of antioxidants, and has a significantly high level of fibre, vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids. All in all, an impressive nutritional profile, and the fresh açaí juice I had in Brazil was possibly one of the most refreshing drinks I’ve ever had! But it’s certainly not practical to go out of the way or pay a hefty price for an imported fruit when you can have an assortment of seasonal food items in your local markets or F&B outlets that will provide you with similar (or even more) nutrients. There is no magic in a single food! Also, much of the açaí that we are consuming locally has been pulverised with added sugar and often, devoid of the nutrients we covet.

All the souperfoods in your SouperChef Specials this month!

The bottomline is, stay informed and have a variety of whole foods, unprocessed and natural, and incorporate these superfoods to toss a good mix for both nutritional and flavour profiles! As I sat down to plan for this campaign, I really wanted the superfoods in my soups to help everyone feel super. While we feature superfoods like ginseng, black beans and quinoa, the complementing ingredients in the SouperChef Specials are in no means any less nutritious! This month, you get to vote for your other favourite SouperChef Specials too! Your votes determine if they will be coming back this June, so share and vote away! From the world to our kitchen to you, drink and feel souper as a Souperfoodie this April!




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