SouperChef Anna’s Message | SouperFoods 2020


SouperChef’s Message | SouperFoods 2020

Kale and kombucha. Quinoa and açaí. It’s hard to believe these once obscure and often hard-to-pronounce words have now become trending buzz words on our food menus! Ancient cultures discovered them, cultivated them, experimented with them. Their culinary and health potentials were explored, sometimes amplified and made their way to our plates, often our hearts too. Modern-day chefs like myself are excited about harvesting the best of their flavours while retaining the most of their nutrients to make each dish a sellout success. Over time, more and more superfoods like these are becoming known to us and the challenge continues to include them as starring roles on our mainstream menus.

Barramundi miso arajiru

Barramundi miso arajiru

Chicken Broccoli with Red rice stew

Chicken Broccoli with Red Rice Stew

My approach to superfoods is simple—there is no magic in a single food. Our bodies need a variety of nutrients. We can’t sustain a clean eating lifestyle with simply a few foods touted to be super. The world certainly can’t keep up either. Bringing everything into the mix makes for balanced, sustainable eating. Hence, while each of our SouperChef Specials this month features a souperfood ingredient that stands up to nutritional scrutiny, they are by no means the only stars. Know that we always gather the best ingredients to create each soup from scratch, all natural, tasty and wholesome! From the world to our kitchen to you, eat wisely with our Souperfoods this March!

Ingredients used for Soulful Vegan Chilli

Ingredients used for Soulful Vegan Chilli




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