SouperChef Special | Bhutanese Radish Stew

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Bhutanese Radish Stew

Vegan | Contains Egg | Dairy-Free* | Gluten-Free | Slightly Spicy)

(*Please request to omit condiment ezay if you wish to enjoy this soup dairy-free.)

The gate to Thimphu City, the capital of Bhutan. This capital has its fair share of firsts and surprises!

Our very first lunch in Thimphu, the capital city of Bhutan, was a buffet spread at a modest restaurant. One of the dishes we were served was a beef broth with cellophane noodles. It has been a few years since but I can still distinctly remember the luscious taste of the broth and its lingering warmth! It was incredibly cold outside then and what could be more comforting than sips and slurps of this humble local dish! I couldn’t wait to recreate the memory!

Ingredients used for Bhutanese beef with radish and mushroom curry

Ingredients used for Bhutanese Radish Stew

We love how the vendors display their produce here. This is thingey or peppercorns, commonly used in Bhutanese cooking.

I thought it would be a challenge to make this vegan but Quorn never disappoints—you wouldn’t miss the meat! This dish is made with lots of garlic, ginger, leek, white radish, oyster mushrooms, tomatoes, green chillies, cellophane noodles and thingey, a Bhutanese black pepper with woodsy and lemony overtones, imparting a tingly feel to the tongue.

Ezay, the SouperChef Anna’s way!

This was where I had my first taste of ezay too, a chopped dried red chilli salad mixed with red onions, coriander, cheese and thingey. You will love it topped on this SouperChef Special! This is a bowl loaded with the quintessential ingredients of all good Bhutanese food and now with Quorn mycoprotein! Taste the warmth.

Bhutanese beef with radish and mushroom curry

Bhutanese Beef with Radish and Mushroom Stew


Ingredients: Vegetable stock (water, carrots, onions, leeks, herbs), Quorn mycoprotein (contains egg white), white radish, potatoes, carrots, oyster mushrooms, tomatoes, shiitake mushrooms, French beans, green chillies, red onions, garlic, ginger, leeks, coriander, cellophane noodles

Condiment: *Ezay (chilli salad with feta cheese, red onions, coriander, thingey)

*contains dairy


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