SouperChef Special | Bulgogi Style Jungol

Bulgogi Style Jungol

(Beef/Dairy-Free*/Egg-Free/Contains Gluten)

*No longer dairy-free once cheddar cheese is added as condiment.

Most of us would have eaten bulgogi (bbq meat) at Korean restaurants or attempted to make it at home for parties. In 2011, a poll by CNN even had bulgogi listed at no. 23 on the “World’s 50 Most Delicious Food” readers’ poll. And today, it has inspired a whole new food culture from burgers to food trucks serving tacos with bulgogi. I was pondering on bulgogi’s potential as a stew and in my research, I found out that small restaurants at train stations would serve at lunchtime, ddukbaegi bulgogi, a hotpot of beef slices cooked with mushrooms, and noodles added.

The brilliance of colours and nutrients that go into this Bulgogi Style Jungol!

Bulgogi Style Jungol

Here goes my version made with potatoes, carrots, beef cubes marinated bulgogi style and damyeon (potato starch noodles). Added my little twist with pears and honey. 먹자 (Let’s eat!)

Everything comforting and Korean in this bowl of Bulgogi Style Jungol!


Ingredients: Beef stock (water, beef, root vegetables, herbs), grass-fed beef, carrots, white radish, potatoes, button mushrooms, enoki mushrooms, pumpkin, leeks, pears, damyeon (sweet potato starch noodles), baked beans, beancurd, apples, honey, garlic, onions, ginger, soy sauce and sesame oil.

Condiments: Toasted white sesame seeds, spring onion and cheddar cheese.


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