SouperChef Special | Chicken Gumbo

Chicken Gumbo

Contains Chicken | Dairy-Free | Gluten-Free | Spicy


Do you know chicken gumbo was one of our first few stews? I followed a recipe with spiced whole chicken, coated with flour, deep fried then cooked in a peppery stew. Yummy but a tad unhealthy! So here’s my healthier version sans the deep frying, with marinated chicken and vegetables cooked in a spice-perfumed broth! No less amazing!

Ingredients: Chicken stock (water, chicken bones, root vegetables, herbs), marinated chicken, potatoes, carrots, red bell peppers, green bell peppers, tomatoes, celery, lady fingers (okra), onions, garlic, herbs, spices, salt

Condiments: Spring onion

Nutritional Content: 

Regular Soup: Calories 211 | Protein 16g | Carbohydrates 30g | Fat 3g | Sodium 1,088mg

Large Soup: Calories 288 | Protein 21g | Carbohydrates 40g | Fat 5g | Sodium 1,492mg

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