SouperChef Special | Chicken Soup for the SG Soul

Chicken Soup for the SG Soul

(Chicken | Contains Gluten | Contains Peanuts | Alcohol-Free | Egg-Free | Dairy-Free)

Growing up, there will always be a pot of Chinese soup on our dinner table at every meal, lovingly simmered for hours by my folks. I never quite realised how blessed I was, until I started missing homecooked dinners due to long hours at work. There is just something so very special about Chinese herbal soups. That comforting warmth and deep intense flavours. For centuries, Chinese herbs have been used to promote general well-being, boost strength and health, and even to treat various body ailments, a testament to the curative properties of the different Chinese herbs used. I remember how my mother will always lovingly get me to drink an extra huge bowl of chicken herbal soup when I’m feeling under the weather, or during the crunch time of examinations. Over time, I’ve come to associate the soup with healing, health, love and family. There’s nothing like the chicken soup to soothe the soul!

So this National Day, I’m dedicating this SouperChef Special to the SG soul. A familiar taste that will comfort and nourish. A feel-good soup that is generous in the use of synergetic Chinese herbs to restore and rejuvenate.

The milieu of ingredients we used for this nourishing Chicken Soup for the SG Soul!

Be sure to top it with our shredded kale! Specially sourced from Sustenir Agriculture, Singapore’s largest indoor commercial scale vegetable farm specialised in producing foreign varieties of vegetables, this kale is produced locally and impressively with sustainable, hydroponic propagation methods, 100% free from pesticides, pollutants and even dirt! You are what you eat, so let’s eat well!

Sustenir Agriculture’s locally grown kale! Farmed with the best of technology and lowest of carbon footprint!

Ingredients: Chicken stock (water, chicken bones, salt), marinated chicken thigh, shark’s fin melon, lotus roots, burdock root (Chinese yam), carrots, shiitake mushrooms, peanuts, Chinese bitter almonds, goji berries, red dates, dried figs, Solomon’s Seal (yuzhu), dried Chinese yam (huai shan), Chinese Angelica (danggui), dried tangerine peel, dried cuttlefish, ginger, soy sauce, salt

Condiments: Deep-fried wanton skins, shredded Sustenir Kinky Kale


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