Souperchef Special | Edamame “Tofu” With Chicken Miso

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Souperchef Special | Edamame “Tofu” With Chicken Miso

(Chicken/Contains Gluten/Contains Egg/Dairy-Free)

Dadachamame Farm

Dadachamame Farm

I took a double take when I heard we were going to visit the dadachamame farm in Yamagata Prefecture. Dada what?

THE dadachamame!

THE dadachamame!

So dadachamame is a kind of edamame or young soya beans. The regular edamame has three pods, while the dadachamame has only two. Popularised about a decade ago, dadachamame is fragrant and can dramatically increase the umami flavour in dishes. Inspired by the visit to the farm, I made a mental note to create a soup where the edamame is allowed to shine, since we are not able to get dadachameme in Singapore.

Remember the meal we had at Eiheiji Temple, Chubu region?

Remember the meal we had at Eiheiji Temple, Chubu region?

While thinking of what else to include in this soup, the goma dofu was the first to come to mind. At the Eiheiji Temple in Chubu region, I was particularly taken by the goma dofu, a tofu-like dish made from sesame seeds and arrowroot starch. This is a staple in Buddhist vegetarian cooking and I love how the taste surprises, since it does resemble the regular tofu a lot!

Ingredients for Edamame "Tofu" with Chicken Miso.

Ingredients for Edamame “Tofu” with Chicken Miso.

I have thus tried to recreate this ‘surprise’ by making a ‘tofu’ with mashed edamame and mountain yam with eggs, dashi stock and soy sauce, steamed till cooked. So, don’t go looking for the regular tofu in this soup! For a complete Japanese experience, don’t go without the shredded nori and shichimi togarashi (Japanese spice mix)!


Edamame “Tofu” with Chicken Miso


Ingredients: Edamame ‘tofu’ (edamame, mountain yam, eggs, soy sauce, dashi stock), marinated chicken thigh, miso, ginger, onions, garlic, bunashimeji mushrooms, carrots, leek, salt, sugar and shirataki noodles (made from konnyaku).

Condiments: Shredded nori and shichimi togarashi.










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