SouperChef Special | Lobster Bits-que

SouperChef Special | Lobster Bits-que

Seafood | Contains Dairy | Egg-Free | Gluten-Free

This special time of the year deserves something a little more! A something that says nostalgia and familiar; a something that brings cheer; a something that we know you’ll love. This is our something for you—an uplifted version of our Prawn Bits-que that makes a special appearance every Christmas! We are souper stoked to serve you our Lobster Bits-que as one of this year’s Christmas SouperChef Specials! Bisques are notoriously labourious to make and this is no exception. We used the time-honoured method with no short cuts, milking every drop of lobster essence there was from the shells. No fillers, no nasties.

This is truly a beautiful, deeply flavoured bisque with lobster bits (hence the coining of the word ‘bits-que’)! We know many of you make it a point to drink our bits-que every Christmas season and we will certainly work towards keeping this tradition going!

Ingredients: Lobster stock (water, prawns, lobsters, herbs), carrots, leeks, celery, butter, onion, tomato paste, garlic, cream, lobster meat, parsley, lemons, paprika, Worchestershire sauce (contains anchovies), pepper, salt

Condiment: Crème fraiche


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