SouperChef Special | Perfect Vegan Mushroom Broth

Perfect Vegan Mushroom Broth

(Vegan* | Contains Gluten | Contains Peanuts | Egg-Free | No Garlic/Onions)

*suitable for Buddhist vegetarians


Nothing says home quite like a clear broth! We hear your requests for vegetarian soups, particularly clear and nourishing broths reminiscent of home-cooked soups! No garlic, onions or leeks too! You’ll find an ample array of ingredients cooked in our Herbal Mushroom Stock, boosted with Chinese herbs, barley and more! Eat light but go big on flavour!



Ingredients: The Soup Spoon Herbal Mushroom Stock (water, shiitake mushrooms, dried shiitake mushrooms, ginger, red dates, dangshen, danggui, goji berries, salt), sharksfin melon, lotus roots, burdock roots (Chinese yam), carrots, eryngii mushrooms, shiitake mushrooms, corn kernels, peanuts, beancurd (taupok), barley, Chinese bitter almonds, goji berries, red dates, dried figs, Solomon’s seal (yuzhu), Chinese angelica (danggui), dried orange peel, soy sauce, ginger, salt

Condiments: Chopped coriander, a drizzle of sesame oil

Allergens: Contains nuts, gluten & soy. Cooked in a factory that handles milk, gluten, celery, crustaceans, fish, eggs, nuts, soy, mustard & sesame.

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