SouperChef Special | Chicken Tonyu Nabe

Chicken Tonyu Nabe

Contains Chicken | Contains Gluten | Dairy-Free


Light and creamy, sweet and delicate. No wonder tonyu nabe is a go-to hotpot dish in Japan for the wintry days! Made from soy beans with high volumes of isoflavin that aid in prevention of heart diseases and osteoporosis, the soy milk adds both depth and nourishment to this beautiful soup!


Ingredients: Chicken stock (water, chicken, carrots, leeks, black pepper, bay leaves), marinated chicken thigh, soy milk, napa cabbage, beancurd, carrots, white radish, lotus roots, mountain yam, onions, shiitake mushrooms, enoki mushrooms, leeks, shiro miso, soy sauce, garlic, ginger, Thai fish sauce, homemade Teriyaki sauce, salt, sugar, dried tangerine peel

Condiments: Toasted white sesame seeds, dangmyeon, spring onion, a drizzle of sesame oil

Nutritional Content: 

Regular Soup: Calories 233 | Protein 24g | Carbohydrates 21g | Fat 8g | Sodium 1,345mg

Large Soup: Calories 320 | Protein 33g | Carbohydrates 29g | Fat 11g | Sodium 1,845mg


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