SouperChef Special | Watercress and Roasted Pear with Red Dates

Watercress and Roasted Pear with Red Dates

(Vegetarian | Contains Dairy | Contains Egg* | Alcohol-Free | Gluten-Free)

*Poached egg as condiment


Watercress and Roasted Pear with Red Dates

The very name of this SouperChef Special will probably remind you of Cantonese double-boiled soups! The Chinese treasure the watercress for its soothing, nourishing effects, especially when double-boiled with red dates. I’m a big fan too, but what’s a SouperChef Special without an unexpected spin or two? In this rendition, we have omitted the pork ribs for a vegetarian twist! We promise you wouldn’t miss the meat with the enhanced sweetness from roasted Packham pears and a Western-style base thickened with cream, unusually but suitably paired with the slightly sharp taste of watercress! This popular soup was first introduced in June 2010, and its number one fan, Ivy Ho, has written in several times since to request for its relaunch. We hear you, Ivy, so here you go!

Check out the poached egg as condiment!

A highlight of the soup has got to be our poached egg condiment! The Soup Spoon exclusively uses eggs from the N&N Agriculture, which produces Singapore’s first and only pasteurised fresh eggs! A high-tech farm with more than half a million hens producing an average of 400,000 eggs a day, N&N Agriculture boasts of eggs with that are stringently pasteurised using multi-patented pasteurisation technology from USA. You can be sure the eggs you enjoy at our stores are not only beneficial for individuals with lower immunity, but also healthier with lower cholesterol!

Ingredients: Vegetable stock (water, root vegetables, herbs), watercress, potatoes, Packham pears, cream, onions, garlic, red dates, goji berries, grape must extract, salt, vegetable oil

Condiments: Poached egg, drizzle of olive oil


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