Souperchefanna Message | Taste Japan Edition 1

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Souperchefanna Message : Taste Japan Edition 1

As I was packing my luggage in preparation for my travel to Japan to gather inspirations, I found myself gravitating towards my old blog entries of my trip last year. The thriving miso factories established years ago. The temples so ancient time stops when you are there. The food so fresh and subtle you can’t help but want more. And for many more reasons I can’t quite articulate, Japan has always beckoned to me. We are so privileged to be able to return to the beautiful land of Japan this year with the same hosts who have welcomed us so warmly in the previous year. All set out to explore and celebrate the local flavours, we were hosted in one factory or family business after another, feasted in traditional or fusion cuisines that were history lessons in themselves. We spoke at length to chefs, to culinary school trainers, to home cooks, to stall vendors, to business owners. We even tried harvesting salt ourselves! From Kyushu to Chubu to Tohoku regions, every person, every place, every dish inspires and informs. There is so much beauty, mystery and history in Japan, beyond what the travel guidebooks can ever tell you. And we can’t be more blessed to be there.


A snapshot of our travels in Japan in collaboration with JNTO bringing Local Flavours of Japan from our kitchen to you.

A snapshot of our travels in Japan in collaboration with JNTO bringing Taste Japan, Local Flavours of Japan from our kitchen to you.

I’m souper stoked that this time, we will be launching 9 SouperChef Specials (previously known as Souper Inspirations) in 3 rounds, and I hope my soups will be a good sampler of the unique local flavours of Japan, steeped in stories and innovation! In Round 1, we will bring you the flavours of Kyushu! Kyushu literally means ‘Nine Provinces’, and is Japan’s third largest island, located southwest of the main island Honshu. The region boasts of an illustrious history and was a major trading port in older days, even when the rest of Japan was closed off to foreign countries. This has given the region a distinctive food culture with a seamless and ingenious blend of Japanese, European and Chinese influences. We have also curated our favourite photos and stories from the trip into a beautiful e-magazine, available for free download! Join The Soup Spoon and Japan National Tourism Organisation (JNTO) as we bring you the various intriguing flavours of Japan. Taste Japan, Japan’s Local Flavours To You.

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