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Souperchefanna Message : Taste Japan Round 2

Going back to Chubu region is like reuniting with an old friend. There is familiar comfort in the old ways, and pleasant surprises in the new. Chubu is the central region of Japan’s Honshu island and home to the iconic Mount Fuji. A testament to the rich history of Japan, this is the place to retrace her story in the scenic and romantically preserved destinations. This visit to Chubu, we harvested salt in the oldest method known to mankind and had a good workout in the process! We also went deep into the mountains to visit the Eiheiji Temple, an active monastery with more than eight centuries of history, and learned much about the style of cooking that is deeply rooted in nature. Inspirations were everywhere in Chubu, including at a humble ume farm, owned by the most jovial elderly couple I have ever met. There is much to be grounded and treasured in the old heritage, and yet exciting new grounds are breaking in the face of modernity. That, to me, makes Chubu extra special.



Round 2 featuring Chubu promises to be souperb, as you can see! I have recreated my favourite memories and flavours of Chubu into three brand new SouperChef Specials, and we can’t wait to share them with you. Read more about our fruitful trip with Japan National Tourism Organisation (JNTO) in our e-magazine, available for free download! Many of our soups were sold out in Round 1 and we are grateful for your overwhelming soupport. Join us in Round 2 of Taste Japan, Japan’s Local Flavours To You!

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