Our soup repertoire is largely travel-inspired and we’ve always been thankful for the privilege to taste the world’s hospitality and cultures. As the world heals and re-establishes itself in a reimagined post-pandemic era, we thought it’ll be nice to bring back some of these familiar inspirations. From the lingering warmth of Bhutanese hospitality in the wintry cold to the restorative warmth of Korean ginseng chicken soup, then down to the cross-cultural warmth of New Zealand’s melting pot, this will be one tasty, vicarious trip round the world! This April, come travel with us, soup by soup, through The World In One Kitchen

Samgyetang My Version (Korean Ginseng Chicken Soup)

The most warming and restorative soup with tender chicken, wolfberries, red dates, gingko nuts and chestnuts, bulked with red and glutinous rice.
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Buttery Tikka Masala

Your meat-free treat of creamy, non-spicy tomato curry with chickpeas, sweet potatoes, warming spices and succulent Quorn fillets.
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Bhutanese Beef with Radish and Mushroom Stew

A luscious Bhutanese beef broth with white radish, mushrooms, green chillies, cellophane noodles and thingey, a tingly Bhutanese black pepper.
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Explore Bundle

We could all use a trip right now but we do have the next best thing. Discover the best of the world’s flavours with our SouperChef Specials and sauces, with more fun stickers for more whimsy.

Discovery Bundle

We can’t take you on a flight but we can bring you some delicious light. Explore the world’s melting pot of flavours and cultures with this bundle, light on both your wallet and your belly

Journey Bundle

Let your fridge and heart overflow with goodies from around the world! Take a taste journey from our Travel Series SouperChef Specials and gourmet sauces and enjoy the delectable dreams and inspirations the world has to offer.