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Join our Souperholic Programme and be the first to enjoy exclusive promotions and special deals! Every transaction at the outlet or our online Soupermarket awards you with Souperholic points to redeem against your next purchase – $1 off your bill with every 100 points! Sign up today and download the app to get started. It’s souper easy!

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Manage your digital membership and transactions at The Soup Spoon outlets with our Souperholic app. Our mobile app e-card allows you to earn and redeem points to enjoy discounts on your future purchases. It’s simple, convenient and no more rummaging through your bag or wallet!

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Earn Souperholic points when you place your
food delivery order with any of our preferred partners. Simply refer to your physical copy of the receipt and scan the QR code to credit the points rewarded for each transaction.
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At The Soup Spoon we never lose sight of customer loyalty, especially with our improved programme features. Skip the physical queue and place your order ahead of time with our Souperholic app, souped-up with new functionalities to whet your app-etite!

Souperholic Birthday
Voucher for dine-in
at outlets
(T&Cs apply).

Earn points upon
checkout at the kiosk
or via our mobile app

Earn or redeem points
for Soupermarket

Earn points
with food
delivery orders.

Earn points
at Anna’s.

Skip the queue for
takeaways and
dine-in by ordering
with our app.

on the go

Order for dine-in or takeaway on your mobile device

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What is the Souperholic programme about?

This is an electronic loyalty card system that tracks your Souperholic points earned with every transaction. You can log in to your account online or download the mobile app to view your transactions and keep track of your Souperholic point balance.

Earn Souperholic points whenever you transact at The Soup Spoon* outlets in Singapore, shop at our online Soupermarket or make a food delivery order (implementation across outlets in progress) via Deliveroo and GrabFood. The points earned can then be redeemed to offset your next purchase at The Soup Spoon* outlets and our online Soupermarket.

If you are currently holding a physical Souperholic card, you can download our mobile app here and register your account to manage your digital membership.

* Includes The Grill Knife and Jjigae Jjigae at Raffles Xchange.

How does the point system work?
PLATFORM Min. spend required to earn Souperholic points​ Souperholic points earned for every $5 spent​
​(Dine in or take away)
$5​ 50
Online Soupermarket $5
​(excludes delivery fees and discounts)
Deliveroo & GrabFood
(some outlets excluded*)
​(excludes delivery fees and discounts)

Souperholic points are tiered and awarded for transactions on the different platforms as above.

100 points earned = $1 off your next bill. The more you spend, the more you save on your next transaction!

Points will be earned and stored automatically in your account for dining and ordering for takeaway at our outlets, shopping on our online Soupermarket or making a food delivery order via Deliveroo & GrabFood.​

What benefits do I get when I register my Souperholic account?

View the link below for the list of benefits which you can enjoy as a registered member


How can I update my Souperholic account profile?

You can log in to your Souperholic account and update your profile with a new email address or mobile number. Please note that you will need to email us at souperholic@thesoupspoon.com for assistance to rectify an error with the date of birth indicated during your registration.

You may also download and refer to this PDF quick guide to update your Souperholic account.

Can I still earn points if I forget to bring my Souperholic card?

If you have registered online and assigned your mobile number to your account, you can use your mobile number or the mobile app e-card to earn Souperholic points.​

How do I redeem points?

Redemption can only be made with the mobile app e-card or the physical Souperholic card. You may use any available Souperholic points in your account to offset the bill.


BILL $10.00
Souperholic redemption -790 points
Balance amount for payment $2.10

There is no minimum redemption amount. However, please note for partial redemption, Souperholic points are not awarded for any balance amount paid.

Can I earn Souperholic Points for Soupermarket orders?

Yes, Souperholic points will be credited within 3 working days after completion of the delivery.

*Please note that delivery fees and discounts are not eligible for earning Souperholic points.

Can I earn Souperholic points for a partial redemption?

No, Souperholic points will not be awarded for any balance amount paid during a partial redemption.

Can I earn Souperholic points when I produce my receipt as proof of purchase at a later date?

No. Souperholic points can only be earned at the time of payment. We strongly recommend that you present your mobile app e-card or physical membership card during payment. For security reasons, our system is unable to award points once the transaction is completed. Similarly, in the event of a system maintenance where Souperholic point transactions are unavailable, no retroactive claims on awarding or redemption of points will be entertained.

Can I use my Souperholic card at all The Soup Spoon outlets in Singapore?

Yes, you may use your Souperholic card or mobile app e-card at all The Soup Spoon / The Soup Spoon Union / The Soup Spoon+ outlets, The Grill Knife and Jjigae Jjigae at Raffles Xchange.

Can I earn points when vouchers are used?

No, with the exception of The Soup Spoon cash vouchers or Shopping Mall vouchers.

When presenting Shopping Mall vouchers, the full bill will be entitled to Souperholic points. Example: If you spend $15 and voucher amount is $10, you will have paid $5. Points will be awarded for the whole bill of $15.

When presenting The Soup Spoon cash vouchers, the amount paid after deducting voucher amount will be entitled to Souperholic points. Example: If you spend $15 and voucher amount is $10, you will have paid $5. Points will be awarded for the partial bill of $5.

Points will not be awarded for the full bill when promotional vouchers are used.

Do my points expire?

Yes, your points expire six (6) months from the last date of transaction. Point expiry dates will be extended with every subsequent transaction . See our Terms and Conditions for more information.​

For registered souperholic members:

Birthday voucher of $5 will be credited at the start of your birthday month and will expire at the end of the month.

Where do I see my birthday voucher and how can I redeem it?

Your $5 birthday voucher will be credited to your Souperholic account on the first day of your birthday month.

You may log in to your Souperholic account online as well as on the mobile app to view and redeem the birthday voucher.

Your birthday voucher is also redeemable at any The Soup Spoon outlet* and can be used for dining in and take away. Simply scan your mobile app e-card at the kiosk when making your order and select the voucher to offset your purchase. Kindly note a minimum spend of $15 is required for redemption of your birthday voucher.

* Includes The Grill Knife and Jjigae Jjigae at Raffles Xchange.

How do I earn Souperholic Points with my food delivery orders?

You can earn Souperholic points with every food delivery order on either Deliveroo, Foodpanda or GrabFood platforms!

When you receive your food delivery package, look out for a printed QR code slip indicating the number of Souperholic points earned for that order. Simply scan the QR code with your mobile device and it will prompt you to sign in or register for a Souperholic account if you are currently not a member yet.

The Souperholic points earned for that delivery order will be credited into your Souperholic account similar to how points are accumulated when you transact at our outlets and the online Soupermarket.

Please note that the QR code is valid for a period of 3 days from the date of your delivery order and can only be claimed/scanned once.