What is the Souperholic programme about?

This is an electronic loyalty card system that tracks your points earned. You can now earn points whenever you dine at The Soup Spoon outlets in Singapore and redeem anything off the menu with sufficient points.

How does the point system work?

Earn 50 loyalty points for every $5 spent. 100 points = $1 off your bill

Simply present your Souperholic card or your mobile app e-card upon payment.

Points will be earned and stored automatically in your new card as and when you dine at our outlets.

Where can I get a Souperholic card?

You can get a card from any of our outlets when you spend $5 and above.

What benefits do I get when I register my Souperholic card?

View the link below for the list of benefits which you can enjoy as a registered member!

Can I still earn points if I forget to bring my new Souperholic card?

If you have registered online and assigned your card to your account, you can use your mobile number or the mobile app e-card to earn loyalty points. However, redemption of points can only be done with the physical card or the mobile app e-card.

How do I redeem points?

Redemption can only be made with the physical Souperholic card or the mobile app e-card. You may use any available points in your card to offset the bill.

Bill ————————— $10
Souperholic Card ——- -790 points
    Amount you pay ——— $2.1

There is no minimum redemption amount. However, note that no loyalty points will be awarded for any remaining value paid in cash.

Am I allowed to earn Souperholic Points for E-store orders?

Yes, Souperholic points will only be credited upon delivery.

Am I awarded points for a partial redemption?

No, points will not be awarded for any remaining amount paid in cash during redemption.

How do I replace my lost/damaged card?

Simply get a new card when you make a purchase in your next visit and follow the steps below to transfer your points

  1. Log in to your Souperholic account at
  2. Click on Profile on the menu bar at the top of the page.
  3. Click on “Edit” under Account Information and update your new souperholic number.
  4. Click “Save” and you’re done!

There will be an administration charge of 200 points (subject to change).

All points from the lost/damaged card will be considered forfeited unless you have registered the card online. The Soup Spoon will not be held responsible for the loss of points on any Souperholic card.

The lost/damaged card will be invalidated from the time of the lost/damaged report lodged. For security reasons, the report and transfer of points are irreversible once they are lodged in our system and the card, even if found, would no longer be usable. Therefore, all Souperholics are advised to search thoroughly for their card before making a loss report.

Can I still earn points when I come back another day with my receipt?

No. Points can only be earned at the time of payment. It will be considered forfeited if otherwise. Thus, you are advised to present your card upon payment. For security reasons, our system will not be able to award points once the transaction is completed.

Can I use my Souperholic card at all The Soup Spoon outlets in Singapore?

You may use your Souperholic card at all our outlets except for our Khoo Teck Puat Hospital outlet.

Can I earn points when vouchers are used?

No, with the exception of The Soup Spoon cash vouchers or shopping mall vouchers.
When presenting Shopping Mall vouchers, the full bill will be entitled to Souperholic points. Example: If you spend $15 and voucher amount is $10, you will have paid $5. Points will be awarded for the whole bill of $15.
When presenting The Soup Spoon cash vouchers, the amount paid after deducting voucher amount will be entitled to Souperholic points. Example: If you spend $15 and voucher amount is $10, you will have paid $5. Points will be awarded for the partial bill of $5.
Points will not be awarded for the full bill when promotional vouchers such as the Complimentary Ice Lemon Tea and Complimentary SouperValue Upgrade vouchers are used.

Do my points expire?

Yes, your points expire one (1) year from the last date of transaction. Date of expiry will be extended with every subsequent transaction. See our terms and conditions for more information.

For registered souperholic members:

Birthday bonus points will be credited at the start of your birthday month and will expire at the end of the month.

Mobile login bonus points will be credited upon your first successful login on our mobile application and expire 30 days after.