Taste Brazil, From Farm To Table

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Taste Brazil, From Farm To Table


Brazil’s rhythms and colours.

From the captivating colours of Brazil’s landscapes to the sizzling hot meals she serves up, Brazil’s attractions are as charmingly diverse as the people she is made up of. It’s hard not to fall for Brazil, but much more than her vibrant culture and people, this trip to the metropolis led us to a heart-stirring epiphany about food.

10-day-old chicks at Sadia's chicken farm, in the tender care of its farmers.

10-day-old chicks at BRF’s chicken farm, in the tender care of its farmers.

Thanks to the good folks from BRF and SATS-BRF (distributor of Sadia in Singapore), we spent a fulfilling two weeks in Brazil, a land of traditional charm and culinary creativity. We knew well before the trip that our chicken, with which we make soups and grilled dishes, are of the most premium quality in the industry. But little did we realise just how much love, tender care and professional undertakings have gone into each and every animal at the farm and plant, before they are cooked with passion to become the dishes we enjoy.

Señor Adelar, a chicken farmer with BRF for 28 years.

Senhor Adelar, a chicken farmer with BRF for 28 years.

As we warm our hands and nourish our bodies with a hot meal, it’s easy to focus on what’s on the table and forget what goes behind the scenes. This trip to Brazil is precisely dedicated to our unsung heroes – the farmers and producers, the food researchers, the company responsible for feeding Brazilians across the nation. We gathered stories, from the people, from the food, and returned with very grateful hearts.



Brazil Street Food

The buzz of feiras (street markets) in Brazil!



Coconut snacks on the streets!

Coconut snacks on the streets!

We learnt too, from our conversations with celebrated Brazilian chef, Rodrigo Oliveira, as well as our BRF hosts, that food goes far beyond the tastes on the plates. It transcends boundaries to connect people across lands, across time, across cultures. It connects us to our traditions and brings us back to emotions our memories have kept as happy and precious. We are reminded of the significance of food, and how blessed we are to be in this industry where we can help to create memories and connections for people!

Celebrated Brazilian chef, Rodrigo Oliveira and our SouperChef Anna.

Celebrated Brazilian chef, Rodrigo Oliveira and our SouperChef Anna.

This has been such a reflective and memorable trip and we have compiled an e-magazine (link at top of post) of our highlights in Brazil, just for you! Enjoy our photo journal of stories and inspirations as we hopped from market to market, sampled the street snacks and chefs’ interpretations of traditions, and formed connections with the people we met. Join us in our culinary discovery of Brazil and give thanks to the many who have made eating and cooking possible and enjoyable!

Together with Sadia Singapore and SATS-BRF, we proudly present The World In One Kitchen, from Brazil to our kitchen to you.


* This Souper Inspirations trip to Brazil is sponsored by our kind partners, Sadia Singapore, BRF and SATS-BRF (distributor of Sadia in Singapore). All opinions and photos are as always, ours.


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