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For the Love of Soup

A travel journal and food musings by SouperChef Anna

There is an air of nostalgia while poring over these journal entries at this particular section of the website. The following pages have been my digital outlet for the expression of my travel experiences over the past two decades—possibly longer, and documents my food musings, soup inspirations and anecdotes of my gastronomic adventures. If this has been a physical tome, the writing between these pages would represent my attempt at scrawling notes and documenting random clippings to jolt my memory (good times!) while I retrace my footsteps through memorable destinations, far-flung and wide.

Globetrotting, esoteric cuisines and sojourns at exotic locales have expanded my horizons and I am inspired by the soups and cultures discovered on this incredible journey, turning ideas and sentimental yearning for the food into soup recipes for homely moments. This has been the underpinnings of our brand ethos at The Soup Spoon and it is my privilege to be able to share a part of this belief in writing—from the world, to our kitchen, to you.

In love and gratitude,

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SouperChef Anna