TSSTakeMeToBhutan | Taj Tashi Thimphu – Tradition and Temptation

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It’s November, and I’m sitting at my dining table trying to make a photobook of the pictures we have taken at Bhutan four months ago. Our farm-to-table itinerary had led us to rustic lodge stays in the valleys, close to the heart of farmlands and her people. The well-planned schedule by Druk Asia also meant that we got to splurge some quick moments in the finest of Bhutan’s lofty, luxurious offerings. And Taj Tashi is a most worthy spectacle of Bhutan’s resplendent splendour!

Taj Tashi in Thimphu that stands grandly like a golden castle in the rolling mountains.

Taj Tashi in Thimphu that stands grandly like a golden castle in the rolling mountains.

Architecturally grand and a gateway to rolling mountains, Taj Tashi is a landmark in the heart of the capital city of Thimphu, serving up panoramic views of the river valley. Steeped in traditional Bhutanese architectural traditions and hand-embellished by master craftsmen, the hotel is such a beautiful sight to behold. And that’s why we are so souper thrilled to send a lucky someone to Bhutan and to stay two nights in the glory of Taj Tashi!


Writing this post alone makes me crackle with anticipation. Taj Tashi is arguably the perfect embodiment of Bhutan’s blend of unique modernity and soulful history. Embrace Bhutan’s traditions and temptations with their rooms that offer contemporary luxury with tasteful, classic Bhutanese grandeur.

Deluxe Room

The 48 Deluxe Rooms are elegantly fitted out with contemporary furnishings yet tastefully exuding the essence of traditional Bhutanese art and architecture. All the rooms are east-facing so you can look forward to waking in the cool morning to sublime views of the sunrise over the serene river valley. Set your alarm – you won’t want to miss the fleeting moments of the sunrise here!

Luxury Suite Bathroom

The stand-alone bathtub in the Luxury Suite bathroom.

The thoughtful design of Taj Tashi boasts of picturesque views no matter where you are. The Luxury Room, larger in size than the Deluxe Room, offers a generous view of the Thimphu valley as well as the mountain. The suites are a dream, as you can see!

The spacious and bright interiors of the Deluxe Suite Living Room.

The spacious and bright interiors of the Deluxe Suite Living Room.


To add to the timeless charm of Taj Tashi, there is a tapestry of food and beverage facilities where you can immerse in Bhutan’s understated gastronomical experiences.

Chig-je-gye the Bhutanese Specialty Restaurant

Chig-je-gye, the Bhutanese Speciality Restaurant

Chig-ja-gye is named after a significant number (108) in Buddhism, alluding to the number of temptations humans face and the association to the wheel of Samsara (the mundane cycle of life). Walk through the 108 dhungs, a horn-like instrument, to a dramatic interior palette of reds, golds and blacks, and the aromas of local delicacies. Don’t forget to ask for their ema datshi, the national dish of Bhutan!

If you prefer to dine in the crispness of the outdoors, the Thongsel is casual with a wide window view of the iconic prayer wheel, and in the distance, the cascading Himalayas. The all-day diner serves up global cuisine, so there is always something for every palette.

Rimps Tea Lounge

Rimps Tea Lounge.

For something light, head towards the Rimps for a cup of the distinctive salted butter tea ‘suja’. To be honest, I haven’t quite got accustomed to the taste of this yet, but the Bhutanese and many visitors love this. Try a cup for yourself! The well-lit tea lounge is known for their murals of double Dorjes, which represent enlightenment and wisdom. If you are there in the wintry months, this is quite the haven in the cold.


ARA – The Bar

 You might have read about how we learned to make ‘ara’ (local homemade liquor) in the lodge we stayed in! ‘Ara’ in Taj Tashi, is the suitably-named bar where you can unwind with drinks while admiring the traditional Bhutanese guitars, known as ‘Dramneyn’ on the walls, and the ‘Ara Palangs’, traditional containers that dot the shelves. Truly the best way to end a beautiful day.


In our seven days in Bhutan, we’ve probably walked, climbed and hiked more than we ever will in one month in Singapore! Do set aside some time to indulge at Jive Spa, Taj Tashi’s award-winning spa that offers signature Taj Spa experiences steeped in the ancient Indian, royal and healing traditions. Massages, aromatherapy, scrubs, herbal treatments – take your pick and steal hours in the warmth of candle light nooks, billowing tapestries and heavenly spa treatments.

The award-winning Jive Spa.

The award-winning Jive Spa.

Taj Tashi Thimphu is also conveniently located near a golf course just five minutes’ walk away. Leisure spots like the National Library and Textile Museum are a 10-minutes’ drive from the hotel.

And this is possibly my favourite – every evening before dinner, do join the traditional Bhutanese cultural dance in the banquet courtyard! The bonfire lights up the place in tangerine hues, and you get to sip butter tea while a troupe dances and sings in dazzling Bhutanese finery. It’s the kind of memory you want to bottle up, the kind of Bhutanese immersion that Taj Tashi delivers perfectly.

Outdoor Bonfire

We are souper stoked to have Taj Tashi on board our TSSTakeMeToBhutan campaign to generously offer a lucky pair two nights’ stay at Taj Tashi Thimphu. If you haven’t already entered our lucky draw, remember to do by 23 Nov 2015! Thank you, beautiful Taj Tashi!

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